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News | 06.02.2024



Time travel has always been a major topic at FMX - and it certainly will be this year. The timeline mayhem in LOKI 2 is getting company: FMX attendees will gain insight into the making of a special episode of DOCTOR WHO, produced for the 60th anniversary of the time-travelling alien.  


Curating the THEN & NOW track, VFX journalist Ian Failes (befores & afters) likes to travel between past and present adopting a historical perspective. This time, he'll focus on "old-school" effects and how useful they can be in contemporary productions like the Prime Video series I'M A VIRGO.


Big cinema will also be present at FMX, of course: We'll have a two-hour-slot on VFX in the feature Film THE MARVELS at the 28th edition of the conference on animation, effects, interactive and immersive media.


The FMX Forum is filling up - the Early Bird Discount for Partners ends Feb 18! 🎉



Latest Confirmations for FMX 2024


VFX FOR FEATURES: Inside creative VFX development for Marvel Studios' THE MARVELS


Join us for a behind-the-scenes discussion about THE MARVELS with VFX Supervisors Tara DeMarco and Sarah Eim, alongside pivotal vendor supervisors Dominik Zimmerle, Ernest Dios (both Trixter), and Pietro Ponti (Industrial Light & Magic). They will discuss asset and FX ideation, creation, and collaborative sharing as they unravel the magic behind the stunning visual effects crafted for Goose, Saber Space Station, and the dynamic elements that bring this film to life.






UK Studio REALTIME provided cutting-edge virtual production and futuristic CG for DOCTOR WHO: "Wild Blue Yonder", a special episode to commemorate the show’s 60th anniversary. With the return of the much-loved David Tennant as the Doctor, the episode takes fans to the very edge of the universe where sinister alien doppelgangers steal the show. James Coore, VFX Supervisor, and Jonathan Rawlinson, Head of Episodic, will be talking through the process; from the onset virtual production to final VFX.  



THEN & NOW, curated by Ian Failes, befores & afters


Going old-school: Breaking down the practical and in-camera effects in I’M A VIRGO: Director Boots Riley’s Amazon Prime Video series I’M A VIRGO made significant use of what might be called "old-school" effects filmmaking, including in-camera effects with forced perspective shooting, large and small puppets, miniatures, practical effects and many specialized scale set-ups. Here, visual effects supervisor Todd Sheridan Perry will share the secrets of these in-camera approaches, which were also complemented with digital VFX techniques


Learn in-camera effects filmmaking with Todd Sheridan Perry: In this follow-up to Todd Sheridan Perry’s talk he’ll be joined by VFX journalist Ian Failes to deliver a masterclass on how to set up a forced perspective shoot, right there as a hands-on demo for attendees.


What you need to know to build VFX software: Mark Elendt, Senior Mathematician at SideFX, will present and be joined in conversation with Ian Failes to discuss his more than 30 year history in building visual effects software. Houdini is a mainstay at so many VFX, animation and games studios, and Elendt will dive into the history and intricacies of the tool, especially relating to rendering and its earlier incarnation as Prisms. Attendees will get to talk directly to Elendt in a more intimate setting, to get down into the finer details of building VFX tools.



Forum News: Line-Up is growing -
Early Bird Discount for Partners ends February 18


The Marketplace, the Workshops, the Recruiting Hub and the School Campus are filling up nicely. Many longterm partners as well as FMX first-timers have decided to benefit from the Early Bird discount that will be in place till February 18.


Here are some of them:


Marketplace: Escape Technology, Golaem, Lenovo (Silver Partner), Qualisys, RnDeep


Workshops: db&w, Maxon (Gold Partner), Static VFX


Recruiting Hub: Accenture Song (Silver Partner), Eder, Pixomondo, RISE I Visual Effects Studios


School Campus: HFF - Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München,
Hochschule Darmstadt - University of Applied Sciences, 
Hochschule Mainz - University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences,
School of Visual Arts - MFA Computer Arts


Silver Partner: Lenovo


Lenovo delivers a full portfolio of PCs, workstations and tablets, monitors, accessories, smartphones, smart home and smart collaboration solutions, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), commercial Internet of Things (IoT), software, services, and smart infrastructure data center solutions around the world. Since 1995 Lenovo hase shipped more than half a billion PCs, and makes three devices every second.


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Silver Partner: MACK One


The Future of Entertainment: MACK One is the bridgehead of the internationally operating MACK Group and acts as a creative hub, creator and consultant for innovative theme park design, media-based entertainment and media content. Our team develops ideas for the attraction and entertainment industry of tomorrow.


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We're looking forward to see you in April - tickets are available here. There’s more to come soon, so stay tuned to!