Join FMX - A Conference Reimagined

As the world is impacted by seismic changes, FMX 2021 will take place exclusively online in order to keep everyone safe. With an extraordinary digital experience, FMX will continue to assemble exceptional media creators to share their insights with a large international audience of professionals and students. The FMX community may be unable to gather physically but will have ample space to connect and exchange in the virtual sphere.




Virtual Event Platform

Several virtual rooms set the stage for high quality presentations, workshops, panels, masterclasses, and get-togethers. They will be streamed on the FMX online event platform from May 4 to 6, from morning to late at night. A timeframe which allows for an audience from most time zones around the globe to take part.




Presentations will be pre-recorded and streamed in a scheduled time slot during FMX. In addition, they will be made available via video on demand until July 31 at the latest.



Live Experience

All sessions will be accompanied by live exchange opportunities for everyone who wants to join, such as live chats and Q&A with the speakers.




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Partner Contacts

Vanessa Steinmann Program Manager Sales & Marketing
Alissa Papendick Coordination Schools