Speakers | Highlights of FMX 1994-2020

These are the fabulous speakers for the Highlights of FMX 1994-2020, which kicked off from May 5-8, 2020.
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Monday, July 20th, 20:00 CET:
Phil Tippett, Founder, Tippett Studio

Phil Tippett, Founder of Tippett Studio, is one of those pioneers who is called an industry veteran. From animation on the first STAR WARS in the 70s to ROBOCOPJURASSIC PARK and STARSHIP TROOPERS, he took part in the groundbreaking transition to computer animation. The oscar-winning animator and VFX Supervisor will walk you through his career of over 40 years and reflect on what to pass on to the next generations of filmmakers.

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John Canemaker, Professor & Director at NYU Tisch School of the Arts

John Canemaker is an Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning independent animator/designer, animation historian, teacher, and author. 

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Monday, July 6th, 20:00 CET:
Sven Martin, CCO/ VFX Supervisor, PIXOMONDO

Sven Martin has over ten years of experience in the visual effects industry. He began his studies at the “Filmakademie Baden-Wuertemberg” in 1997 and later directed the award winning animated short Ritterschlag. Sven worked as freelance compositor and 3D artist for various companies before becoming VFX Supervisor at Elektrofilm Postproduction between 2004 and 2008.

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Jeff Wagner, Senior Technology Consultant SideFX

Jeff "Old School" Wagner has been a part of the SideFX Software support team from the early days of PRISMS leading up to today's Houdini.

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Florian Gellinger, Owner / Executive VFX Producer RISE

Florian Gellinger is one of the four founding members of RISE, an award winning German VFX and animation studio. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and was one of the driving forces in founding the German chapter of the Visual Effects Society.

Find out more about Florian Gellinger and watch the recorded show.

Monday, May 25, 18:00 CET:
Gayatri Parameswaran, Director/Co-Founder, NowHere Media

Gayatri Parameswaran is an award winning immersive journalist from India who believes in the power of stories to transform. She co-runs a storytelling studio in Berlin called NowHere Media specializing in documentaries and social impact.

Find out more about Gayatri Parameswaran and watch the recorded show.

Friday, May 8, 18:00 CET:
Ed Hooks, Actor / Acting for Animators

Teaching generations of animators what is essential in bringing the soul of a character to life, Ed Hooks has been a highlight of FMX throughout the years. In his exclusive interview, Ed will tell us how he plans to continue to bring his 'Acting for Animators' series of workshops to a worldwide audience.

Find out more about Ed Hooks and watch the recorded show.

Thursday, May 7, 18:00 CET:
Regina Pessoa, Animation Director, Ciclope Films

Embracing the spirit of Eastern European animation, Portuguese animator Regina Pessoa has developed a unique artistic style and created highly personal films that have all become cornerstones of independent animation. In an exclusive interview, Regina will give us insights into her work - past, present and future.

Find out more about Regina Pessoa and watch the recorded show.

Wednesday, May 6, 18:00 CET:
Volker Engel, President, Uncharted Territory

Working on iconic VFX movies over the last 30 years, Volker Engel has crossed from SFX to VFX and used a unique VFX-hub for each blockbuster production. In this exclusive interview, Volker will elaborate on his vast experience and perspective in VFX, and beyond.

Find out more about Volker Engel and watch the recorded show.

Tuesday, May 5, 18:00 CET:
Jan Pinkava, Director, Pinkava Productions

Being a pioneer in various fields of animation and immersive media, Jan Pinkava has been a continuous source of inspiration for FMX over the last two decades. In his exclusive interview, Jan will give you an update on his personal views on the world of animation.

Find out more about Jan Pinkava and watch the recorded show.

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