Program 2021


Virtual Production - Game Changer in Animation & VFX?

Jinko Gotoh (Netflix), Eve Roth (Parallux), Pepe Valencia (BARABOOM! Studios), Lyndon Barrois

How do we define virtual production today? What are the opportunities for filmmakers, production and artists, especially for those just starting their career? What does virtual production hold for animation production? A group of panelists representing animation and VFX will talk about the advantages, challenges and blue sky of the future.

Jinko Gotoh

Jinko Gotoh, Producer, Netflix,

Jinko Gotoh is an Oscar-nominated producer and consultant for the animation industry. Her strengths and passion include the nurturing of creative talent, discovering new voices, and charting new technologies and creative processes. Born in Japan, Jinko’s passion for animation sparked at an early age after two profound experiences: a viewing of Lady and the Tramp, and a resounding meet with Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astroboy. Jinko is currently producing her second Netflix feature with Mark Osborne directing. Her other producing screen credits include: BAFTAwinner and Oscar-nominated Klaus, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, The Little Prince, Oscar-nominated The Illusionist, 9, and Oscar-winning Finding Nemo.Jinko worked at Disney Feature Animation as director of digital production, overseeing the inevitable move to CGI animation and its extensive application on such features as Dinosaur and Fantasia 2000. Since leaving Pixar in 2003, Jinko’s assignments have taken her around the globe, working for major studios and on independent films. Jinko serves as the vice president for Women in Animation, an advocacy organization to advance women in the industry. She is also a member of AMPAS, where she represents diversity and inclusion on various committees. Beyond that, she is the PGA’s co-lead of the BIPOC working group for animation and VFX, and is co-presidnet for Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, which provides music education to underserved neighborhoods. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Math and MFA in Film from Columbia University. Jinko is a published poet and happy rescuer of many, many dogs.

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Eve Roth

Eve Roth, Lead Technical Artist, Parallux



Pepe Valencia

Pepe Valencia, Visualization Supervisor, BARABOOM! Studios

Pepe Valencia is a veteran in the CG field with 25+ years of experience. Since 2009, he is the founder and Visualization Supervisor of BARABOOM! Studios. With headquarters in Los Angeles and a branch in Spain, Pepe's home country, BARABOOM! Studios is a Visualization boutique specialized in previs, postvis, techvis, and virtual production. Some credits include the Academy Award-nominated "Klaus",  Emmy winner "Pearl " and "Book of Life".  

In 2007 he served as Director of Photography for the film "Astro Boy". and prior to that worked at Sony Imageworks for 11 years from 1996 to 2007, as Animation Supervisor on "Peter Pan", "The Aviator", and "Charlie's Angels." Other credits include "Surf's Up," "Open Season", "Stuart Little" 1 and 2.He is also a member of the Joint Technology Committee on Virtual Production, and a past member of the Joint Technology Subcommittee on Previsualization.His passion for education took him to teach at CalArts, Animation Mentor, and Gnomon School of Visual Effects. He is co-author of the book “Inspired 3D Short Film Production”.Pepe's commitment to excellence brings him to constantly research and seek technology innovation to find new and effective ways to illustrate content and narrative.



Lyndon Barrois

Lyndon Barrois, Artist, Animation Director, Filmmaker

An AMPAS VFX Executive Branch member, Lyndon boasts a long career in art and animation. His film credits include The Matrix Trilogy, Happy Feet, and The Thing, where he directed pivotal character animation sequences in those features. He currently wins accolades for his unique gum wrapper sculpture animations of historic figures and events, whose portraits and Sportraits are produced entirely on iPhones. Within the art world, his work has been featured in major institutions from the Pérez Art Museum Miami, to the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles. Subjects of his work have ranged from gender inclusion in the FIFA World Cup, to America’s Covid-19 crisis, racial uprisings and elections of 2020. An HBCU grad from New Orleans, he serves on the boards of The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, California Institute of the Arts (his MFA Alma mater), and the AMPAS Museum’s Inclusion Task Force.                                  

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