Program 2018



VR experience - A road to #hyperreality

Kuba Matyka (MELT)


Learning from success and failures of humans and technology in creating immersive experiences.

We’re not your typical VFX or motion design studio. We’re a tiny interdisciplinary team that dreams up impossible ideas for brands and then tries to make them reality on our own. Working on branded experiences from the ground up, most often responsible of everything from idea to execution, gives us an unprecedented insight into the process. 

Jumping off case studies of award winning VR experience 'The Missed Spaceflight', the multisensory interactive thrill ride 'Play Invaders' and virtual reality motion design for Littlstar and Pause Fest, we want to share what we learned during a couple years of experimenting, creating and exploring immersive worlds and technologies. 

Kuba Matyka

Kuba Matyka, Director and Co-Founder, MELT,

Futourist. Immersive experience director and co-founder @ MELT - multidisciplinary little studio, creating experiences for big brands’ audiences. These are often multi-sensory experiences, combining animation, sound, light and interaction in every scale and form. Pop-Culture binger. Constantly optimizing the world around him.



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