Program 2018


Nebula Studios

Long Story Short - Don't Feed These Animals (Short Film)

Guilherme Afonso (Nebula Studios), Miguel Madaíl (Nebula Studios)

Don’t Feed These Animals is the short film we are producing at Nebula Studios. It’s a fully independent project that started from one single character by José Alves da Silva. A bespoke international team was built and we were lucky enough to have global supporters joining us in what has become quite a ride. We’ll share the full behind the scenes & set up story since DFTA’s inception and the experience of shifting an entire pipelineto C4D. 

Guilherme Afonso

Guilherme Afonso, Founding Partner, Nebula Studios,

Guilherme Afonso is a founding partner of Nebula Studios and one of the co-directors of Don’t Feed These Animals. Miguel Madaíl is the lead 3D artist at the company and the other co-director of our short film. With a collaboration of 8 years in the advertising industry, they have worked together for brands such as Vodafone, Gillette, UEFA, FIBA and Unilever. Producing a short film has been their dream since this dynamic duo thing began and the celebration of Nebula's 10th anniversary seemed just the right time do it. 

Miguel Madaíl

Miguel Madaíl, Nebula Studios,

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