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Nextgen Lookdev Workflow in Clarisse iFX

Sam Assadian (Isotropix)

Due to the constant increase of CG complexity, the time to first rendered pixels is getting longer and longer. As a result, production artists work more and more blindly and they spend a lot of their time troubleshooting instead of working on actual images. This situation ultimately leads to artists’ frustration and high iteration costs for studios. To solve these issues, Isotropix has released Clarisse iFX, a new 3D lookdev, lighting and rendering software, that introduces a true paradigm shift. It allows CG artists to work interactively on their final images while offering a wide range of features targeted to look development. Using Clarisse iFX, artists work their materials using a slick and intuitive node based user interface and render interactively the result of their work directly on hero assets. Clarisse iFX offers tools to dynamically assign looks, based on rules, and a concept called shading variables allowing the templatization of shading networks. Clarisse iFX also provides a comprehensive set of projection nodes targeted at Digital Matte Artists so they can work their camera maps and set extensions interactively. Thanks to its comprehensive rendering engine, artists can even bake out complex materials onto texture maps to use them in game engines or simply save on final render times.

Sam Assadian

Sam Assadian, CEO & Co-Founder, Isotropix,

Sam Assadian, co-founder & CEO @Isotropix, spent much of his career in the Animation and VFX industry finding innovative solutions to improve CG image creation. In the early 80's, he discovers computer science and is passionate about music, feature films, AAA games and retrogaming. Sam spent most of his career as software engineer and CG supervisor leading teams of artists in famous studios. His unusual career path gives him a very unique vision of the animation/VFX industry and the graphics software market.  Eager to revolutionize the Industry, he co-founded in 2011 Isotropix: a company specialized in developing high-end professional graphics software to deliver to CG artists game-changing innovations. Clarisse, Isotropix’ flagship product, is used today by the world’s biggest VFX studios in many blockbusters such as: Kong: Skull Island, Wonder Woman or Blade Runner 2049.

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