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Video Games Without Borders: #WeBelieveInGames !

Francesco Cavallari (VGWB)

The non-profit organization Video Games Without Borders (or VGWB) applies a collaborative approach to the development of games with a positive impact on the society, building a global community of game developers, both students and veterans, bringing together talents from both developed and developing countries. This Community is the backbone of VGWB and it's where most of the projects start, but it's not enough by itself. A close collaboration with Companies, NGOs and Schools is key to maximize the impact and, when the real production starts, usually funds are needed to contract a team and secure quality and schedule.

Francesco will present his vision, he will share the experience of few case studies of the first 2 years of activity of Video Games Without Borders and finally he will invite everybody to join VGWB Community. #WeBelieveInGames

Francesco Cavallari

Francesco Cavallari, Founder & President, Video Games Without Borders,

Francesco joined Ubisoft in 1999, right after graduating in Computer Science at the University of Milan (Italy). At Ubisoft he developed all sort of games for more than 15 years, including critically acclaimed titles (like Beyond Good & Evil or Splinter Cell Chaos Theory) and casual blockbusters (like My Secret World by Imagine and Motion Sports).

He worked in several European studios and he covered programming and production positions until 2014 when he decided to quit when he was Production Director of Ubisoft Barcelona.

In 2015 he founded Video Games Without Borders (or VGWB) and he is now full-time dedicated to oversee its operations. As part of the first VGWB project, One World a Million Stories, he spent 6 months in Africa (Burkina Faso) to teach and develop a game with local talents. In 2016 Francesco supervised the development of Antura and the Letters, a smartphone game to improve literacy among Syrian kids that are out-of-school because of the conflict. His ambition is to build a global community of people that believe in digital games to change the world for better.


Video Games Without Borders (or VGWB) is a nonprofit organization and a global community of people who believes video games can change the world for better. Founded in 2015, VGWB Community is currently composed by 150 people and it's a mix of experienced professional and young talents from all around the world (including developing countries). At the moment 3 projects are in the works: Antura and the Letters (winner of the EduApp4Syria international competition to improve literacy among out-of-school Syrian children), One World a Million Stories (a collection of interactive tales produced in developing countries and distributed worldwide to raise funds for NGOs operating in the same countries) and an unannounced project to raise awareness about the suffering of war and the International Humanitarian Law (in collaboration with the French Red Cross).

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