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A new way to define a "broadcaster": When TV goes indie game

Alexander Knetig (Arte)

For the last four decades, games have become an audiovisual art in their own right. But many (especially public) TV stations have ignored them during those 40 years, labelling them as purely commercial products.

This is what ARTE has been trying to change during the past two years: in a media world that is hybriding audiovisual genres every day, we started to produce full scale video games; platformers like Type:Rider, exploration games like Californium; and newsgames like Fort McMoney.

From 2016 on, we now have agreed the production of at least 4 such games a year. Because we believe that, after having supported author's documentaries and author's fiction, it is now time to also support author's video games.

Alexander Knetig

Alexander Knetig , Editor in chief ARTE Creative, Arte

Alexander Knetig is currently editor in chief of ARTE Creative, the young cultural platform of the European cultural channel ARTE, at ARTE GEIE in Strasbourg.

Before he joined ARTE GEIE, he used to work as freelance journalist in Spain, Austria and France, as well as independent new media producer in France (Upian, Phares et Balises...).

He then worked as web commissioning editor and web editor in chief at the New Media Department of ARTE France, where he got involved with some of the channels Award winning interactive programs (Prison Valley, Alma, Fort McMoney, Do not track), as well as its first video games (Type : Rider, Californium).

Alexander teaches web journalism and new media strategy in France and in Germany and is funding member of the Austrian Fund for new audiovisual formats.

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