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Lost in Harmony - Character diversity in casual games

Yoan Fanise (Digixart)

Lost in Harmony, the first indie game of Yoan Fanise after Valiant Hearts, explores new way to bring diversity into casual gaming. The two characters of this musical game, Kaito and Aya, show their wickness and fears, there is an unexpected depth into the story for a mobile title. Its success reveals the interest for original content, from a very wide audience, beyond usual genres of this media. Mobile platform is very young in the gaming space, and it has a lot more to show in the upcoming years.

Here are the links to download the game

AppStore  -  Google Play

Yoan Fanise

Yoan Fanise , Creative Director, Digixart Entertainment,

Yoan Fanise spent 14 years at Ubisoft in France and Singapore.

He joined the company in 2001 to create the soundscape of Beyond Good & Evil, the legendary title directed by Michel Ancel.

In 2004, he collaborated with Peter Jackson’s team on King Kong, the official game of the movie. Two Years after he was co-directing the famous Raving Rabbids and their wacky language.

He was then called to join Singapore studio to develop a whole new part for the Assassin’s Creed Brand: the Naval Battles.

After the commercial success of those titles, he was also somehow able to release one of the smallest, bravest games ever seen from a major publisher.

That game, Valiant Hearts, is both a war game and fiercely anti-war at the same time, a story not about conflict's heroics but about their tragedy and ultimate futility. It won many awards all around the world, including Baftas, VGA and Annie Awards.

In March 2015, he left Ubisoft to found Digixart Entertainment, a company dedicated to meaningful games. The first title Lost in Harmony just launched and is already a gigantic success.

Digixart is the independent studio dedicated to the development of meaningful video games. The philosophy of the company, co-founded by french creator Yoan Fanise, is to bring entertaining experiences to a wide audience focusing on emotional and meaningful content. The first game released by the studio "Lost in Harmony" has already been played by more than 500k people.

AppStore  -  Google Play


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