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The use of Phoenix FD and V-Ray 3.0 in Game of Thrones

Christian Zilliken (Mackevision)

Christian Zilliken, 3D Lead Artist at Mackevision will discuss the work they did for Game of Thrones and how they used the latest features in Phoenix FD and V-Ray in the production.

Christian Zilliken

Christian Zilliken, 3D Lead Artist, Mackevision Medien Design GmbH,

Before joining Mackevision Stuttgart in 2013, Christian worked as a freelance digital artist specializing in shading and lighting. He worked on several award winning movies and TV shows such as “Hugo Capret”, “Oblivion” and George Lucas's “Redtails”. Christian also worked with the Game of Thrones VFX team on seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5. This year he won a VES Award for Best Created Environment in a Commercial, Broadcast Program, or Videogame for Game of Thrones: Braavos Establisher.

Mackevision is a global market leader in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). We design and produce high-end 3D visualizations, animations and visual effects (VFX) for images, films and interactive applications. In addition we develop technological solutions for generating images. We oversee the whole CGI process from data prep to creative implementation in all media. We work for clients worldwide – corporations, mid-size enterprises, agencies and film productions.

V-Ray is Chaos Group’s physically based, professional toolset for lighting, shading, and rendering. From independent artists to prominent studios, V-Ray is used every day for visual effects, animation, design, and architecture worldwide.

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