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Behind the scenes of Grand Budapest Hotel

Andrea Block (LUXX), Christian Haas (LUXX)

LUXX Studios will discuss the work they did for Wes Anderson’s Best Picture nominee,  “Grand Budapest Hotel”. Andrea and Christian will show how they created the special look for the movie, incorporating real models with CGI. LUXX Studios worked on over 350 shots for this award-winning film.

Andrea Block

Andrea Block, CEO, LUXX Studios,

Andrea Block graduated from AI, Filmakademie Ludwigsburg, is member of the VES and founded two Companies with her Partner Chris.W.Haas,: LUXX Studios (VFX & Animation Studio) in 2006 and LUXX Film (Development & Production Company) in 2012. She works as VFX Supervisor and Producer for LUXX Studios and as Head of Development & Production for LUXX Film for a growing network of happy Customers supplying well designed Visual Effects and Animation with her team for major Film and TV productions like ‘White House Down’ by Roland Emmerich, and ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ by Wes Anderson, ‘Heroes’ RTL and ‘Cathedrale’ ARTE. Currently she produces at LUXX Film the animated family entertainment feature ‘Manou the Swift’, develops a visual effects driven Sci-Fi Drama ‘Inverted’, and works on Visual Effects for German and International Productions with the team at LUXX Studios.

Christian Haas

Christian Haas, CEO, LUXX Studios,

He studied 6 Years at Filmacademy Ludwigsburg where he recieved his diploma in 2002 for Animation and Visual Effects. Since then he has worked in the Visual Effects Industry as 3D artist, Effects Specialist and VFX Set Supervisor. In 2006 he founded his own Company for Visual Effects LUXX Studios with his Partner Andrea Block. He works as Technical Manager and VFX Supervisor of LUXX Studios on projects like ‘White House Down’, ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, ‘Max Schmeling’. At LUXX Film he specializes in VFX Preproduction and Technical Management from development to production, but also ignites the core ideas to many projects, i.e. ‘MANOU’ and ‘INVERTED’ are based on his original ideas. Chris is currently working on the preproduction of ‘MANOU’ and preparing  the script on the visual effects driven Movie ‘INVERTED’ for the international market with the Team at LUXX FILM.

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