Program 2015


"I Was A Child"

Yoan Cuttilas (Cnam-Enjmin), Adrian Jacques (Cnam-Enjmin), Stéphane Natkin (Cnam-Enjmin)

"I Was A Child » is a a project of a the second year of the master JMIN at Cnam-Enjmin ( it was designed and developed by a team of 9 students. In this a game you embody a young girl, Liya, in a civil war context. The player will experience what it is like to be a child in such a context and where it leads to. Violence and war are treated metaphorically as frescoes with which you will be able to interact to clear a path.

Yoan Cuttilas

Yoan Cuttilas, Student, Cnam-Enjmin

Yoan Cutillas is finishing his Master on Games and Interactive Media at Cnam-Enjmin. He worked as producer or assistant in several projects both at Enjmin (“I was a Child”, “Unchain Melody”, “Fishake” and in several companies during his internships. Before integrating Enjmin he got a BS degree in games and multimedia from the University of Nice (France)

Adrian Jacques

Adrian Jacques, Student, Cnam-Enjmin

Adrian Jacques is a game artist student, finishing his Master on Games and Interactive Media at Cnam-Enjmin. He participated in several student projects at ENJMIN ("I Was a Child", "Unisson" and "Oya") and worked as a 2D artist on mobile and facebook games during his internships. Before ENJMIN, he studied at ECV Aquitaine, in Bordeaux (France), where he followed the animation program.

Stéphane Natkin

Stéphane Natkin, Director, Cnam-Enjmin

Stéphane Natkin is professor and member of the board at the CNAM in Paris (, the director of the Graduate School on Games and Interactive Media ( and the Mobility Interaction and Media group in the Research Laboratory CEDRIC (, He is a member of the board of the Paris Digital Contents Cluster, Cap Digital ( and the French representative of the IFIP group in Entertainment Computing.

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