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Program 2014

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The Marketplace is a central meeting point where renowned and up and coming hardware and software companies, projects and institutions showcase current trends, products and services. Discover the latest developments in professional graphics solutions for realtime camera tracking, 3D rendering, 4d video capture solutions, 360-degree videos, image stitching, crowd simulations, 4k cameras and other areas. Moreover, the FMX Marketplace looks into the future when academic institutions and companies provide insights into their current Research & Development projects that cover a broad range of topics including architectural visualization, simulation technologies , (3D) motion capture,procedural textures, 3d tree models and more. In addition, interactive games introduce new immersive experiences and a design contest calls for audience participation and creativity. Get in touch with company representatives, exchange ideas about their recent work or take a break at our coffee bar.

The Marketplace is open during all four days: Tuesday, April 22 from 13:00 to 19:00, Wednesday April 23 and Thursday April 24 from 9:30 to 19:00 and Friday, April 24 from 9:30 to 18:00.


Booth number

Booth Number 3.2

3dpowerstore, Düsseldorf, Germany is offering professional Services, Sales and Training for all sorts of 3D and 2D Software and dedicated Hardware. Partners are Autodesk, Maxon, Adobe, Pixologic, Next Limit, Wacom, Eizo, The Foundry, Eyeon, Ballistic, McNeel, Chaosgroup, Cebas and more.

Contact: 3DPOWERSTORE GmbH, Friedenstr. 51, 40219 Düsseldorf, Germany, Ron Martin, email:

4D View Solutions

Booth number

Booth Number 1.8

4D View Solutions is a French company specializing in photorealistic 4D Video Capture services.  We help television & film productions lower production costs while improving scene visual richness.  By capturing an actor’s performance just once it can be reused across multiple shots and for VFX for a marginal post-production cost.

4D Video Capture quickly converts live actor performances into 4D Video sequences.  All shots can be easily imported into standard post-production workflows.  Productions then composite actor performances directly into any shot at any viewing angle.  Export 4D Video sequences to smartphone and tablet platforms for advertising, multi-platform and transmedia projects.

4D Video Capturing is a cost-saving tool that allows you to :

• Shoot more quickly without lots of extras
• Capture up to a hundred actor performances per day.  All capturing is done in costume with accessories and without markers
• Create reusable character libraries for use across multiple shots
• Streamline production shooting and shift costs to the post-production phase

Our production team is ready to start streamlining your project.  We work internationally and can provide excellent shooting facilities in France and in Tokyo through our partner of excellence, Crescent Inc.

Contact: 4D View Solutions, 155/157 Cours Berriat, F-38028 Grenoble Cedex 1, France, T +33 970 469 432, Richard Broadbridge, email:


Booth number

Booth Number 1.1

3D print your own smartphone based virtual reality goggles with Altergaze

Altergaze is a 3D printed smartphone accessory  that uses your iPhone or Android power to deliver an immersive and affordable mobile VR experience. We are currently raising the funds to start the manufacturing process and to make the Altergaze available worldwide through Kickstarter.

Contact: Liviu Berechet Antoni, email:,

Breakpoint Books

Booth number

Booth Number 1.10

BreakPoint Books will have at FMX 2014 a selection of art and programming books for purchase. Books to include Maya, Zbrush, Blender, Digital Art books, the art and making of the latest films and much more!

Leave a business card at the booth to win a book by UVK Verlag! Winners to be announced Friday, 14:00.

Contact: Dave Hemsath, BreakPoint Books, 3767 Lake Center Dr. Mount Dora, FL 32757 phone: 001 800-968-9622 f. 352-383-4403


Booth number

Booth Number 2.10

Premium. Performance. Innovation.
Over 10 years CADnetwork develops premium hardware and solutions for digital artists.
We show the brandnew Creator! Workstation and the RenderCube - your personal desktop renderfarm.

Visit us and join the price draw on Wednesday and Thursday. Also a cool refreshment is waiting for you.

Contact:  CADnetwork GmbH, Die Workstation Manufaktur, Emil-Hoffmann-Str. 55-59, D-50996 Köln, Enrico Reil, email:, phone: + 49 2236 39379-11

Chaos Group

Booth number

Booth Number 1.5

Chaos Group creates physically-based rendering and simulation software for artists and designers. The photorealistic rendering engine V-Ray® has become the rendering engine of choice for many high-profile companies and innovators in the visual effects and design industries. During FMX, Chaos Group will host various activities for all students who want to get familiar with V-Ray, get an insider’s view of working in visual effects and meet the students behind recent award winning films. Stop by booth #17 to attend:

  • V-Ray 3.0 Crash Course: Rendering Characters and Environments with Konstantin Gaytandzhiev, V-Ray Master Trainer, Chaos Group
  • A Career in Visual Effects - Discussion with Blake Sweeney, CG Supervisor, Method Studios
  • Character Design Crash Course by Miguel Ortega, Director at Spy Films
  • V-Ray for Blender Demonstration with Andrei Izratcev, V-Ray for Blender Developer, Chaos Group

Learn more at

If you want to schedule a meeting with our team, please email us at


Booth number

Booth Number 2.14

During FMX, in partnership with HP and Intel, CHARACTERIZED will host the "Alter Ego” Design Contest, challenging attendees to create a 2D or 3D original alternative personality to an existing character. All FMX attendees may participate for a chance to win an Intuos Pro graphics tablet courtesy of Wacom. Beginning in 2013, Cut&Paste formed CHARACTERIZED as an experiential design lab of events and contests focused on character design. Sometimes lightly competitive, each program is formatted to blend unique perspective with a visceral exposure to technique and creative instinct.

Contact:; @cutandpasteme;; 111 E. 14th St., #128, NY, NY 10003 USA


Booth number

Booth Number 1.3

ComLine offers a product portfolio that is unique in the German distribution scene. On one hand we provide the complete Apple product range combined with all the attractive add-on tools for the “mobile lifestyle” like bags, stands, cases, earphones and many more. On the other hand ComLine adresses all dealers in the attractive „DCC“ markets: Audio & VideoStorage & Network,Print & Design are the growing segments for which ComLine is a truly reliable distributor on a high quality level. Last but not least, Software is a big deal at ComLine. Whatever brand you need, ComLine has it, from „A“ like Adobe, over Microsoft to Steinberg. We have the creative and the business tools. We also have one dedicated product manager for each of these segments.

Contact: ComLine GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Str. 16, D-24941 Flensburg, Tel.: 0049 461 / 77 303-300

Cut & Paste

Booth number

Booth Number 2.14

Cut&Paste is proud to bring CHARACTERIZED to FMX with the “Alter Ego” Design Contest challenging attendees to create an original character with a chance to win an Intuos Pro graphics tablet. To learn more, check out CHARACTERIZED above. Cut&Paste is where creatives come to play. Through events and online programs, Cut&Paste works to increase relationships between designers, creative companies and media. 

Contact:; @cutandpasteme;; 111 E. 14th St., #128, NY, NY 10003 USA

Digital Production

Booth number

Booth Number 2.2

DIGITAL PRODUCTION is the leading German-language trade magazine that covers the entire range of digital media production and visualisation. The magazine provides sections such as Visual Effects and Animation Techniques as well as Interactive and Industrial Design with additional key supporting information. The target audience consists of both professional and semi-professional creative people and decision-makers in all disciplines of digital media post-production.

DIGITAL PRODUCTION is presenter of the yearly animago AWARD & CONFERENCE, funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg since 2009.

Published by: ATEC Business Information GmbH, Hackerbruecke 6, 80335 Munich, GERMANY,,

Contact: Editorial contact: Sabine Hatzfeld, T: +49 (0) 89 89817-364, E:
Marketing contact: Carmen Lernhardt, T: +49 (0) 89 381620-27, E:

Directors Lens

Booth number

Booth Number 3.8

Directors Lens is a new tool designed for animators and film directors to interactively explore a large collection of shots over their 3D animation, and rapidly create and compare multiple edits of the same sequence. Designed in mind for virtual production and rapid prototyping of synthetic movies, the tool assists the filmmaker in exploring the cinematographic possibilities of his 3D scene.

The Directors Lens engine generates shots encoding classical framing rules related to shot size (such as long/medium/close-up/extreme close-up shots), shot type (internal, external, apex, parallel, subjective) and shot composition (gaze room, rule of the thirds). The engine also selects shots according to continuity editing rules (jump-cut, 180 rule, change in size, and motion continuity). The tool is developed as a plugin in Motion Builder.

Contact : INRIA Rennes Bretagne Atlantique, Campus de Beaulieu, 35042 Rennes Cedex, France, T +33 299 847 525, Marc Christie,


Booth number

Booth Number 2.6

faceshift is the markerless motion capture system for faces that combines high quality with ease of use. It uses consumer grade depth cameras such as the Kinect as input, and creates convincing animations. It is suitable for live events and virtual production because of its realtime mode, and also supports highest quality with its offline postprocessing and editing. Faceshift integrates seamlessly into all animation packages, by supporting blendshape based and marker based pipelines and our retargeting tools for Maya and Unity. Meet us at our booth for a hands-on overview of faceshift studio.

Contact: faceshift AG, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich, Schweiz, Thibaut Weise, phone: +41 78 824 7320, email:

freelance factory

Booth number

Booth Number 1.6

freelance factory is a new online booking platform for VFX studios, creative companies and freelancers to take care of just-in-time recruitment. You can register yourself as talent or arrange a demonstration of our platform or just say hi and have a coffee with us.
We are looking forward to see you on our booth.

Contact: freelance factory GmbH, Birkenstr. 47, 40322 Düsseldorf, Germany, Karsten F. Serra, phone: + 49 (0)211 293 645 -74,


Booth number

Booth Number 3.5

Golaem develops artist-friendly tools to animate digital characters. 
Golaem Crowd makes it easy and affordable  to populate worlds with directable digital characters, from a few to thousands. Golaem Crowd is used by an increasing number of studios (including industry leaders like Framestore or Double Negative) to easily give life to commercials, movies, TV shows and games. It recently helped Stargate Digital to create a massive horde of “walkers” for the acclaimed The Walking Dead TV Show, or by Pixomondo for full CG crowd simulation for the battle scenes in The Physician.

Contact: Golaem, Espace Germanium, 80 avenue des Buttes de Coesmes, 35 700 Rennes, France, Nicolas Verley, phone: +33 (0) 603 195 230, email:


Booth number

Booth Number 3.6

The HapSeat is a novel and low cost approach for simulating motion sensations in audiovisual experience. Multiple force-feedbacks are applied to the sitting users’ body to generate a 6DoF sensation of motion experiencing passive or active navigation. A set of force-feedback devices (a headrest and mobile armrests) are arranged around a seat so that they can apply forces to and from the user. Several video sequences highlight the capabilities of the HapSeat. We propose to attendees to experience these videos enhanced by haptic effects.

Contact : Technicolor R&D France, 975, avenue des Champs Blancs, CS 17616, 35576 Cesson-Sevigne , France, T +33 299 273 263, Philippe Guillotel, email:


Booth number

Booth Number 2.14

For 30 years HP has helped creative professionals simplify their technology experience. HP Z Workstations offer ThunderBolt™ for I/O connectivity and HP DreamColor technology to retain consistent color across digital workflows. HP’s leading technologies help filmmakers deliver their creative vision.

Hewlett-Packard GmbH, Herrenberger Strasse 140, 71034 Boeblingen, Renate Iby, phone + 49 70 31 14 74 08,

Institut für Informatik Universität Freiburg: Particle-based Fluid Simulation

Booth number

Booth Number 1.4

The Computer Graphics Group at the University of Freiburg develops cutting-edge technology for particle-based fluid simulations which are applied in entertainment technology, computational medicine, robotics and scientific computing. The framework and example scenarios will be presented at FMX 2014.

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Teschner, Institut fuer Informatik; Universitaet Freiburg; Georges-Koehler-Allee 052; 79110 Freiburg, Email:, phone: 0761 203 8281, fax: 0761 203 8262


Booth number

Booth Number 1.6

Kolor is a global leader in image stitching, virtual tour and 360-degree video solutions. Its most famous brands include Autopano and Panotour. Awarded several times for its expertise and innovation, Kolor is partnered with Intel and a member of the W3C.

Contact: Kolor, Parc d'activités Alpespace, 112 voie Albert Einstein, F-73800 Francin, France, T +33 479 33 22 11, Alexandre Jenny, email:


Booth number

Booth Number 3.7

Laubwerk® is a Berlin-born, Potsdam-based CG software company offering fast and fluent solutions for architects and CG artists requiring 3D tree models while working with popular 3D software platforms. Laubwerk offers authentic-looking plants that require minimal time and effort to insert, while still giving you maximum detail and control. Visit our booth at FMX for a hands-on demonstration by the creators of Laubwerk Plants Kits. Plus, be the first to see some of our upcoming features, and 3D Plants species.  

Contact: Laubwerk GmbH, August-Bebel-Str. 27, 14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany, phone: +49 331-58 56 992-0 Email: To arrange a meeting with us at FMX, please contact: Philip Paar,


Booth number

Booth Number 2.5

To push the realism and storytelling potential of computer-generated imagery, today all major visual effects and animation studios have shifted their production pipelines towards physically based rendering. Unfortunately, the complicated interplay of light and material interactions makes it very difficult and tedious to control the look of a scene.

Lightrig's booth at FMX 2014 will be the first public showcase of their novel and first-of-its-kind software solution for illumination editing and artistic control of lighting in realistic computer-generated imagery. Their product provides intuitive, effortless, and physically consistent editing of illumination, which enables unprecedented art-directability. With their tools, artists can focus on scene mood and storytelling, not on slow and tedious parameter tweaking and waiting for test renders. Additionally, Lightrig's tools were designed with easy integration into existing production pipelines in mind.

Digital artists, lighting and product designers, architects, and other customers with a demand for high-quality rendering and visualization can use Lightrig's product to easily achieve appealing looks, design goals, and desired scene appearances.

Contact: Lightrig, Am Fasanengarten 5, Bldg. 50.34, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany,  Anton Kaplanyan, email:, Thorsten Schmidt, email:

Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg

Booth number

Booth Number 2.1

The MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg, which disposes of an annual budget of approximately € 15 million, established the Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart (AMCRS) in 2009. The cluster promotes interdisciplinary know-how and technology transfer, creates synergies and enhances interdisciplinary collaborations with the goal of establishing the Stuttgart Region as a sustainable and internationally acclaimed visual effects and animation sector. AMCRS, which is managed by ANDREAS TRAUTZ, comprises fourteen Baden-Württemberg-based VFX service providers and animation studios. To promote local players’ international and interdisciplinary networking, the MFG and the AMCRS will be represented for the first time with a joint stand at the Marketplace.

Mighty Instruments

Booth number

Booth Number 2.7

Mighty Tiles Pro from Mighty Instruments is the number one software for the computer supported creation of procedural floor and wall textures. Mighty Tiles Pro is the perfect solution for architects, CG artists, and designers requiring high quality textures of brick walls, tiles, parquet, laminate, cobble stones and much more. With the seamless integration of Mighty Tiles Pro in 3ds Max, Maya, and Photoshop, the creation of high quality floor and wall textures was never easier before. Finally, with the new technology of Mighty Tiles Pro it is possible to adapt floor and wall textures easily to your needs. With Mighty Tiles Pro all your created textures can be made tileable on demand, handy for virtual environments like games. The scope of Mighty Tiles Pro is not limited to games only. If you need high quality textures for your next architectural visualization Mighty Tiles Pro is the right solution for you. Mighty Tiles Pro supports besides the diffuse map all necessary kinds of mappings, like reflection, specular, bump, and displacement, especially useful for film productions.
Visit us to learn more about Mighty Tiles Pro. Experience the large variety of floors and walls. We are glad to meet you at our booth at the FMX 2014.
To arrange a meeting with us at FMX, please contact: Dieter Finkenzeller, email:

Contact: Mighty Instruments UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Hirschstraße 106, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany
phone: +49 721 14510779, email:

Perfect Woman

Booth number

Booth Number 3.9

Perfect Woman is a kinect game inspired by personality questionnaires featured in women’s magazines and the female roles they define. There are so many such roles emphasizing aspects of family, career, sex and more. Perfect Woman uses these stereotypes as building blocks for you to be your OWN perfect woman.

Contact: Perfect Woman by Lea Schönfelder & Peter Lu, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Akademiehof 10, 71638 Ludwigsburg, Tel: +4917620345669, email:


Booth number

Booth Number 2.8

pixeltrain | 3d | vfx | training offers you in-house trainings, workshops with experienced instructors and publications for the 3d & vfx industry. We enable you to master professional production techniques with the following tools: Maya, Cinema 4D, NUKE, V-Ray, Arnold, Vue xStream, SynthEyes and many more.

Contact: pixeltrain | 3d | vfx | animation, Helge Maus, Göstingerstrasse 34g, A-8020 Graz, +43.699.10669979,


Booth number

Booth Number 2.10

PNY will show the latest professional graphics solutions based on NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs. Certified and designed for most demanding applications they give you the features, quality, speed and performance for interactive photorealistic ray tracing, 3D Stereo or video processing.

Contact: Stefan Hummel, Tel.: 02405/40848-34, Mobil: 0173/5803203,



Booth number

Booth Number 2.13

RebusFarm – The global leader in the field of commercial render farms was founded 2006 in Cologne, Germany, and supports the rendering of all major 3D software packages.
3D animation studios, architectural firms, film producers and game developers worldwide use REBUSfarm to render jobs of any size thousands of times faster. As the most innovative Render Farm provider, REBUSfarm demonstrates the Farminizer software at FMX for a completely new approach to rendering. The software now integrates 4000 XEON CPUs into the customers' desktop for even more performance and ease of use. And with the cross-platform mobile apps, RebusFarm offers a tried and tested solution for the professional production environment.

Visit the Rebus Renderfarm Service at booth 2.13 and get a 35€ Voucher for FREE! Take part in our FMX Tombola and win up to 250€ in Renderpoints!

Contact: RebusFarm GmbH, Maarweg 251a, 50825 Köln, Germany, Ralf Huchtemann, email:

RED Digital Germany GmbH

Booth number

Booth Number 3.3

In 2006, RED Digital Cinema began a revolution with the 4K RED ONE digital cinema camera. By 2008, the camera that changed cinema also began to change the world of stills. The same camera being used to shoot features like The Hobbit and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was being used to shoot covers for magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Additionally, the 5K EPIC and SCARLET cameras, joined now by the revolutionary 6K EPIC DRAGON, are built around a modular foundation that gives the flexibility of full customization for each shoot.

RED Digital Germany, founded in late 2012, is the first outpost in continental Europe. Based in Berlin, RED Digital Germany sells RED cameras and equipment directly, runs product and workflow demonstrations, hosts REDucation and offers repair services and technical support. From its location in Berlin, RED Digital Germany looks after Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

RED Digital Germany GmbH, Oberlandstraße 26-35, 12099 Berlin, +49 30 346461750, email:


Booth number

Booth Number 2.9

SolidTrack is a camera tracking and previz solution in real time. This solution enables the tracking of any kind of camera in various environments, indoors and outdoors.
Our advanced optical tracking fits to different camera including steadicam, which makes our solution easy to use and extremely versatile.
 SolidTrack brings an ergonomic and intuitive solution for on-set visualization of complex VFX shots, dealing with green screen compositing, 3D rendering, and complex camera moves.

Join SolidTrack on booth 2.9 to get your own video in real time with an unexpexted 3D character!

Contact: SolidTrack, 52 Avenue Pierre Sémard 94200 Ivry sur seine, France, Isaac Partouche/Lamia Nouri phone : +33 1 46 70 96 43
email :

The Captury

Booth number

Booth Number 2.4

The Captury develops technology for high quality markerless motion- and surface-capture. Our systems do not require controlled or static backgrounds, enabling outdoors or on-set capture without having to interfere with the scene.
Captury Studio is an offline tracking solution, which works with any standard digital video cameras and allows performers to wear regular everyday apparel. It is designed to support a complete post-processing motion capture work-flow, from camera synchronization and calibration to producing results in bvh or fbx formats.
Captury Live is a real-time motion capture solution that comes as a complete package, including hardware and cameras.
Visit our booth for a demo of both systems and learn more about our technology.

Contact: The Captury GmbH, Martin-Luther Straße 34, 66111 Saarbrücken, Carsten Stoll email:

The Gaudy Woods presented by Autodesk

Booth number

Booth Number 2.3

The Gaudy Woods is a virtual reality game in stereo 3D, controlled by a unique kinetic Interface. Take a walk through a wonderous landscape with peculiar residents of a slightly different nature.

It was developed by Thi Binh Minh Nguyen and Robert Frentzel at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle.

Contact: Rice ‘n’ Potato,; p: +49 (0)89 15777 83 88 49; e-mail:

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Booth number

Booth Number 2.12

Discover a selection of games by brand new studios: Transmii Studio (, DNA Studios ( and Apelab ( - winner of a Best in Play Award at GDC 2014). They present their latest works experimenting with spatial storytelling, augmented storyplay, touchscreen controls, gyroscope and accelerometers.

Contact: Lidia Pirola, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Hirschengraben 22, 8024 Zürich, Switzerland, phone: T +41 44 267 71 20, email:

University of Stuttgart, VIS: Project motionEAP

Booth number

Booth Number 1.2

motionEAP Interactive Table: A table originally aimed at industrial production workplaces. It allows tangible interaction and 3D motion tracking by combining several sensors and cameras. If you are interested in research on or the application of natural interaction and tangibles, come see us. Or you can just play 3D-pong there!

Contact: University of Stuttgart, Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS), Pfaffenwaldring 5a, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany | phone: +49 (0) 711 685 - 60123, e-mail:


Booth number

Booth Number 1.9

VIZPARK shows their full range of products for architectural visualization, ranging from 3ds max plugins WALLS & TILES, MOSAIC, CROSSMAP, COLOR EXTRACT and AUTOMAP, to realistic 3D plant models, HDRI SKYDOMES and MULTI-TEXTURES for flexible texturing and shading. Among the available products, new and unpublished developments will have their world debut at fmx. 

  • VIZ PLUGINS - 3ds max plugins for variable texturing and shading
  • VIZ MODELS - 3D plants and decoration objects for scene enhancement
  • VIZ HDRIS - Realistic lighting of arch scenes with 360° hdri skydomes
  • VIZ TEXTURES - Multitextures of tileable walls and floors for realistic surfaces

Come by and get inspired …  

Contact : VIZPARK™, Krottnaurerstraße 55, 14129 Berlin, Germany, T +49 (0)30 37305216, Martin Jann, email:, resellers, media partners and artists searching cooperation are very welcome at the booth.


Booth number

Booth Number 2.14

Wacom’s vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies has made it the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays, and digital interface solutions. The advanced technology of Wacom’s intuitive input devices has been used to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and designs around the world and provides business and home users with their leading interface technology to express their personality. Millions of customers are using its cordless, battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen technology.

Contact: Wacom Europe GmbH, Europark Fichtenhain A9, 47807 Krefeld, Germany

Weaver presented by Autodesk

Booth number

Booth Number 2.3

Weaver is a family-friendly multiplayer game for touchscreens. Players simultaneously weave webs around branches and leaves with their cute spiders to catch insects and to collect points. As a modern board game it brings the whole family together at one table.
Weaver is developed by prefrontal cortex, a group of designers and developers specialized in user experience design and prototypes.

Contact: prefrontal cortex,; p:  +49 (0) 176 2329 6242; e-mail:

Würfelwald presented by DIGITAL PRODUCTION

Booth number

Booth Number 2.2

Würfelwald (translates to Dice-forest) is an interactive mixed-reality game and installation which simulates the unpredictability and diversity of nature. Using a variety of dices, the user can generate a living, ever changing forest which can be altered and manipulated at any time.

The installation was developed and realised by Raphael Polte and Marvin Podsendek at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle.

Contact: Marvin Podsendek, | Raphael Polte,

FMX is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the City of Stuttgart and MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg, taking place in cooperation with the VES Visual Effects Society and ACM SIGGRAPH. FMX is an event by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, organized by Animationsinstitut, hosting the Animation Production Days (APD), a joint venture with the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS).

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