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Kim Libreri

Kim Libreri has worked with the Lucasfilm companies since 2004, first as a Visual Effects Supervisor for Industrial Light & Magic and technology evangelist for all of Lucasfilm.

He was appointed Chief Strategy Officer for Lucasfilm in 2012.  Kim’s career in digital technology and visual effects spans 20 years and he has credits on over 25 films including, Super 8, Poseidon, War of the Worlds, The Matrix Sequels, Mission: Impossible 1 & 2, Event Horizon and Goldeneye.  He led the development team for the award-winning What Dreams May Come as well as for the original Matrix, developing the now-legendary Bullet Time technology.

Kim started his motion picture career in the UK at London's Computer Film Company, where he was the Senior Software Engineer and was responsible for pioneering many of the computer graphics techniques we use today. He was a founding member of Kodak’s Cinesite London, which was Europe’s first digital film bureau and is considered to be the first of the modern UK digital visual effects companies.

At Manex Visual Effects, he led the technology development teams on The Matrix and What Dreams May Come, each of which won Academy Awards for best achievement in visual effects.  In 2002, Libreri founded ESC Entertainment, which was set up to produce the visual effects for the Matrix sequels.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored Libreri with a Technical Achievement Award for the development of a system for image-based rendering allowing choreographed camera movements through computer graphic reconstructed sets. Libreri was also honored with an Oscar Nomination for Best Visual Effects in a Motion Picture by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Poseidon.

Libreri has a degree in computer sciences from Manchester University. 



Feature Films

2011    SUPER 8 – Visual Effects Supervisor
2008    SPEED RACER – Visual Effects Supervisor
2006    POSEIDON – Visual Effects Supervisor
             Academy Award Nomination – Best Visual Effects

2005    WAR OF THE WORLDS – Additional Visual Effects Supervisor
2005    HERBIE: FULLY LOADED – Visual Effects Supervisor
2004    CAT WOMAN – Visual Effects Supervisor
2003    THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS – Visual Effects Supervisor
2003    THE MATRIX RELOADED – Visual Effects Supervisor
2000    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II – Digital Effects Supervisor
2000    MICHAEL JORDAN TO THE MAX – Visual Effects Supervisor
1999    THE MATRIX – Technology Supervisor
1998    WHAT DREAMS MAY COME – Technology Supervisor
1997    EVENT HORIZON – Digital Effects Supervisor
1996    SPACE JAM – Chief Technology Officer
1996    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – Digital Effects Supervisor
1996    MUPPET TREASURE ISLAND – Chief Technology Officer
1996    LAWNMOWER 2: BEYONE CYBERSPACE – Chief Technology Officer
1995    GOLDENEYE – Chief Technology Officer
1995    FIRST KNIGHT – Chief Technology Officer
1995    THE ENGLISHMAN WHO WENT UP A HILL BUT CAME DOWN A MOUNTAIN -        Chief Technology Officer
1994    HONEY I SHRUNK THE AUDIENCE – Senior Software Engineer
1994    HUDSUCKER PROXY – Senior Software Engineer
1993    LITTLE BUDDHA – Senior Software Engineer
1992    THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL – Senior Software Engineer
1992    1492 : CONQUEST OF PARADISE – Senior Software Engineer

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