Our Commitment to Sustainability

Considering the state of the environment, FMX is evolving to become increasingly sustainable.


At FMX 2023, as part of our conference program, we will discuss sustainability in film and media production and present approaches that can make the film industry more climate-friendly. At the same time, FMX is taking active steps to become more sustainable as an event.

We are a Climate Friendly Event


For the first time, FMX 2023 will be certified as a climate-friendly event by the KSS Klimaschutzstiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg (KSS Climate Protection Foundation). The KSS has been created to support the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg on its path to climate neutrality. FMX fulfills the following criteria to be certified as a Climate Friendly Event:

  • We will implement measures to avoid or reduce emissions in at least 80% of all emission areas, as provided by the KSS
  • Emission areas will be accounted for and the total amount of residual emissions determined
  • Residual emissions will be offset via high-quality gold standard projects. In addition, a contribution will automatically be made to climate protection in Baden-Wuerttemberg

To reduce the carbon footprint of FMX in 2023 and the long run, we will focus our efforts on the following topics as deemed most important by the KSS: Venue, Energy & Water Supply, Arrival & Departure, Accommodation, Catering, Waste & Resources, Procurement, Event Marketing & Public Relations and CO2 Offsetting.



Join us

We understand this process is an ongoing journey, and we invite you all, our guests and partners, to join us as we make FMX more sustainable!


What we do

▶ Read more about the measures that we will implement at FMX 2023.



  • The event location is easily accessible by public transport
  • The event takes place at public transport-compatible times
  • To compensate the carbon footprint of FMX, we ask you, our visitors, how and from where you plan to travel to FMX



  Energy & Water Supply


  • The venue is supplied with 100% green electricity and district heating
  • We define measures to reduce energy consumption (e.g. energy-efficient appliances and lighting, switching off appliances when not in use, etc.)
  • We do not use outdoor heaters



  Arrival & Departure


  • The on-site ticket includes free use of public transport
  • On-site ticket holders can purchase discounted train tickets ("Event Ticket") to and from FMX with Deutsche Bahn (German Railways). Event Tickets apply to journeys departing in Germany only
  • Our side events can be reached by foot, bicycle or public transport
  • Our German speakers will travel to and from FMX by train
  • Our European speakers will also travel by train where feasible, reducing air travel as much as possible




  • We encourage our visitors to book a sustainable accommodation while attending FMX
  • We encourage access to the FMX venue from our visitors' accommodation by foot or public transport
  • The FMX venue is just a short stroll from our speakers' accomodation





  • We favor local catering businesses (short delivery routes, use of existing infrastructure)
  • At least 50% of our catering will be vegan or vegetarian.
  • Our partners will serve food and beverages using reusable dishes, glasses, cups, bottles, containers, and cutlery. Where this is not possible, dishes, glasses, cups, bottles, containers, and cutlery made from renewable materials shall be used
  • Our partners do not offer food that contains palm oil
  • Our partners do not offer fish from endangered species (tuna, etc.)
  • Our suppliers use reusable packaging for transport
  • Our partners do not use coffee capsule systems. Where this is not possible, capsules made from renewable materials will be used



  Waste & Resources


  • We will avoid any unnecessary printing of materials and use digital information materials as much as possible. We kindly invite all our event partners to do the same
  • Decoration is avoided as much as possible. Where decoration is used, reusable materials will be used where possible
  • We will not activly distribute promotional material during the event. We kindly invite all our event partners to do the same
  • We also invite all our event partners to not actively distribute non-ecologically produced giveaways or disposable promotional gifts




  • We give preference to products with sustainability certification (Blauer Engel, EU Ecolabel, etc.)
  • We use certified and/or recycled paper (for brochures, information material, posters, toilet paper, badges napkins, etc.). We kindly invite all our event partners to do the same
  • FMX dispatches all its letters, parcels and express shipments in a CO2-neutral way (e.g. DHL GoGreen) We kindly invite our event partners to do the same
  • More than 50% of FMX event partners and service providers are sustainability-oriented


  Event Marketing & PR


  • Participants of FMX are informed and instructed about the criteria and requirements for the "Climate-Friendly Event" certificate of the KSS Klimaschutzstiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • We provide information about mobility offers: Public transport and train schedules, etc. More information below
  • We report on the climate-friendly orientation of the event via our channels



  CO2 Offsetting


  • Green house gas emissions resulting from FMX are accounted for and will be offset via certified climate protection projects. The project portfolio of the KSS consists of five certified and verified Gold Standard projects from around the globe. Learn more here: Gold Standard Project Portfolio


Here’s what you can do:

Travelling to Stuttgart

Use our event ticket from Deutsche Bahn and travel sustainably at a discounted price throughout Germany  

When you buy your ticket, you will receive a mail with access to the event ticket.

Ideas? 💡

Do you have any ideas on how we can make FMX more sustainable as a conference? 🌱

Feel free to message us: info@fmx.de