Following its success in 2022,

FMX - Film & Media Exchange hosted another hybrid edition.


From April 25 to 27, 2023, FMX presented its top-class program

on site at Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart.


On April 28, FMX once again offered an exclusive online day

with numerous presentations from around the globe.


For FMX 2023, renowned animation producer Jinko Gotoh could be won over as new Program Chair. She will work closely with the FMX team and support the upcoming event with fresh impetus and contacts that advance the topic of sustainability in the creative industries.

Jinko Gotoh is a BAFTA winner and an Oscar-nominated producer and consultant for the animation industry. Her strengths and passion include discovering and nurturing diversified creative talent and charting new technologies and creative processes. Jinko’s producing screen credits include 2020 BAFTA winner and Oscar-nominated KLAUS, THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART, THE LITTLE PRINCE, Oscar-nominated THE ILLUSIONIST, 9, and Oscar-winning FINDING NEMO. Jinko is devoted to advancing women and all underrepresented people in the industry. She serves as vice president for Women in Animation. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, representing diversity and inclusion on various committees.

I'm honored to be the program chair for FMX 2023. While I participated virtually in past conferences, I look forward to being there in person next year. Sustainability as a theme resonates with me on multiple levels, from how we engage and find best practices with our environment to the ever-changing industry. Our industry is global, and the pandemic has brought us closer together. So how do we sustain and improve upon what we have experienced in the past couple of years? I hope to bring in speakers from around the globe who are familiar with and new to FMX and make time to blue-sky a sustainable future.


The creative industries have always offered an escape from the challenges in our lives. At the same time, they have been more decisive than others in dealing with them. Faced with the state of the environment, the media and entertainment community is embracing sustainability in creative ways - from the stories we tell to the way we produce them.


Under the theme EVOLVING, FMX 2023 will shine a light on projects and processes that are addressing the challenges that people and the planet are facing, as part of its conference program on the latest developments in the art, technology and business of animation, visual effects, immersive and interactive media.