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When thinking of Houdini the first thing that should come to mind is its framework.It allows any studio to create a pipeline for a lot of different steps of production and interconnect workflows. What’s not always mentioned is how it also allows any artist to build a framework around their show needs in ways that can both fill a need while educating artists that would want to improve their skills.Being able to learn from what is being used at any time is how you can create a strong team working towards artistic perfection instead of technical limitations.

Bertrand Cabrol, Environment Technical Supervisor, DNEG

My name is Bertrand Cabrol, I have been working in VFX for 8 years now jumping around environment and Fx and between studios like Framestore, Hybride and Dneg now, which might seem like a red flag already. The truth is I've always thrived learning new ways of doing the same things and improve workflows which is why I naturally ended up on the technical aspect of production. I've always been interested in how I could make tools that would allow the artists to express themselves with a delicate balance between ease and flexibility. Working though shows like Blade Runner, Welcome to Marwen or Moonfall I've found that there is as much creativity going through a good workflow as there is in the final render, making Houdini and Python my primary tool set.