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ON SITE Raum Mannheim Wednesday, April 24, 11:00

USD Rendertime Procedurals in Production

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RISE Visual Effects Studios’ Head of FX Fuat Yüksel provides an in-depth look at the techniques behind USD Rendertime-Procedurals in Karma. He will show how the CFX Team at RISE used Hair-Procedurals in Production for Character Asset Grooming in a USD-Pipeline. Fuat will also go over other Karma Procedurals like Ocean, which was introduced recently with Houdini 20, and give some insights on Invoke Graphs, Husk, and how to turn nodes into Code.


Fuat Yüksel, Head of FX, RISE | Visual Effects Studios

Fuat Yüksel is Head of FX at RISE | Visual Effects Studios. Together with the FX-Team, he lives his passion for physical phenomena such as large scale simulations, destruction, fluids and character-related CFX simulations. He loves the combination of art and technology in the realms of CG-Maths and Physics. And mostly enjoys finding technical as well as visual solutions and workflows together with the RISE Team in Pipeline, Supervision and Production on a daily basis.