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ON SITE Meidinger-Saal Tuesday, April 23, 18:15

“NO CGI” is really just INVISIBLE CGI

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With over a million views, the 3-part video expose series – “NO CGI” is really just INVISIBLE CGI – created by Jonas Ussing, has highlighted a practice of minimizing the pivotal contributions of visual effects artistry.  Join us as Jonas debuts the fourth and final video of this compelling series. 

Together with leadership from the Visual Effects Society (VES), the visual effects industry’s professional global honorary society, we’ll discuss the root causes of today’s CGI backlash and the steps that the VFX industry can take to elevate visibility and respect for the craft and practitioners of visual effects. This session will be entertaining, enlightening, and highly interactive.

Jonas Ussing, Co-Owner, Space Office VFX

Jonas has worked in VFX since 2005, progressing to roles such as Lego Star Wars Art Director and VFX Supervisor on several films and TV shows, which earned him an Emmy nomination. In 2023, Jonas started the YouTube series "NO CGI is really just invisible CGI" to initiate a conversation about the current trend of studios downplaying the use of VFX. In Denmark, Jonas runs the VFX and animation company Space Office VFX with veteran animator Stine Sørensen. This is Jonas' first FMX.

Nancy Ward, Executive Director, VES Visual Effects Society

As Executive Director, Nancy is a key member of the Visual Effects Society's leadership team, supporting nearly 5,000 members in 40+ countries. VES is dedicated to advancing and promoting visual effects and empowering the global honorary society's membership through professional education, enriching benefits, fostering community and industry recognition. Previously serving as the VES Program and Development Director, Nancy oversaw direct fundraising, partnerships, alliances and new programs.  

Prior to joining VES, Nancy spent more than a decade in advertising, direct marketing and business development for publicly traded and nonprofit organizations.

Kim Davidson, President & CEO, SideFX

Kim Davidson is the President and CEO of SideFX®, a company he co-founded in 1987. SideFX is a world-leading innovator of advanced 3D animation and special effects Houdini® software.

Davidson has received three Scientific and Technical Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In 2018, he accepted on behalf of SideFX, the Academy Award of Merit for the creation and development of Houdini. In 2015, Davidson was co-recipient of the Canadian Digital Media Pioneer Award, and in 2019 he and other SideFX team members accepted a Technology and Engineering Emmy award in the Cost-Effective Crowd Simulation Tools category.  Davidson was an EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Ontario Winner; received the J. Wesley Graham Medal in Computing and Innovation from the University of Waterloo; and is a member of Sheridan College Computer Animation PAC (Program Advisory Committee).

Davidson was the first Chair of the VES Toronto Section and has served on the Toronto Section board for eight years. He has served on the global VES Board of Directors for seven years, on the Membership Committee for seven years, as well as a number of VES ad hoc committees. Davidson has also been a VES mentor and played an active role in the Society’s recent strategic planning process on its Impact & Visibility and Globalization sub-committees.