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ON SITE Turm Aalen Tuesday, April 23, 17:00

The strengths of story worlds: IP-based projects “PAM PAM PAM” and “THE DEEP ABOVE”

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Under the headline "IP Development and Production in a Team",  Animation and Interactive Media students of the Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg are producing a short film and a game experience  each based on a stylistically individual world. While the technically innovative clips of the third year are produced within four months, the team of THE DEEP ABOVE took this concept one step further and extended the concept to a two year production period as their diploma project.

Application deadline for courses starting in fall is February 15 each year. International students are welcome! For more information please go to


AniTrailer / Play: PamPamPam

In a blank white space, three versions of a character come together. Triggered by the characters various structures emerge and grow, blending 3D, 2D, and Stop Motion elements. Some are familiar, others abstract, intertwining to symbolize creativity. As the protagonists explore, they break free from old ideas, driven by curiosity in this evolving imaginary world.


Diploma Project: The Deep Above


Underneath the sky ocean, humans have endured a harsh life, dominated by sharp cliffs and the dim light spent by the Lumathans. Will SINH manage to reach the ocean in the sky and steal the Lumathan's light to bring it to the people?

“THE DEEP ABOVE - First Hunt” short film is the first part of the epic story world of “THE DEEP ABOVE” and is taking place roughly 100 years before “THE DEEP ABOVE - Last Lights” game: When a Lumathan appears in the skies over her hometown – an event unprecedented in her lifetime – ZOA, a reckless young huntress, travels up the mountains. Her quest: Kill the creature and bring its light back to her village. On her journey she discovers the harrowing effects the hunt has on the world around her and ultimately… her own family.