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ON SITE Turm Aalen Tuesday, April 23, 10:00

Cybercity Lovestory IP-Intro and Screening (Film & VR pilot)

Video on demand

Young impulsive Martian Elaine has never felt connected to her orderly community on the faraway planet. When she suddenly finds herself inside a retro virtual reality game and meets a cybercriminal from Earth, they form an unlikely bond that is challenged by a major act of sabotage by her mother.

A series of talks will focus on how the creation of the IP, the use of VFX and motion design all worked together to create a coherent and believable world. This session will begin with a presentation from the director/creator and the proder of Cybercity Lovestory to introduce the IP and the basis of the project's development, as well as giving an insight into the production process.

Join this session for a screening of the 1st episode - the projects film pilot, followed by the possibility to continue the episode in an immersive VR Game.

Winner of the AUREA Young Talent Award, the pilot of Cybercity Lovestory was produced and developed at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, in co-production with 2112 STUDIOS.

Carly Coco, Director

Carly Coco Schrader was born in Berlin in 1994. She attended a German-English school there until she graduated from high school. While still at school, Carly worked on various film projects, both in front of and behind the camera. This passion led her to study "Scenic Arts" at the University of Hildesheim with a focus on media. The short film she made there enabled her to enroll at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where Carly has been studying directing since October 2015. As a passionate gamer, Carly developed a video game there, which earned her an exchange to study as a game director at the DADIU program at the National Film School of Denmark. There she wrote and developed a mobile game with her team of twenty. Back in Germany, Carly directed the short film "Artgerecht" in summer 2020, which was broadcast on Arte and SWR.

As a final project of her studies at the Filmakademie, Carly is working on "Cybercity Lovestory" - a transmedia project that creates a synergy between VFX film and virtual reality game. In April 2021, Carly moved to Hamburg to develop series concepts and games with colleagues in Writers Rooms.

Nadia Zimmermann, Producer

Born in Düsseldorf in 1995 and raised in Heidelberg; Nadia has been realizing large and small film projects since 2014, curated a local film festival for 6 consecutive years, founded her own film promotion association and worked at UFA Fiction GmbH for 2 years. She has been studying production at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg since 2020.