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ON SITE Bertha-Benz-Saal Tuesday, April 23, 10:00

PANEURAMA innovation alliance for the creative media sector

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In the cultural and creative sector we are currently entering an era where the pace of technological innovation outstrips the evolution of commonly known production and content development systems. There seems to be a recognisable gap between academic preparation and the needs of the industry, calling for a paradigm shift for more innovation in the way we conceive and deliver skill development. This session introduces the recently launched PANEURAMA initiative of European vanguards of education and industry, building an Innovation Alliance of Animation, Media Arts & Cultural Creative Industries. It also provides insights into the academic research and invites the audience to actively take part in this.

This afternoons “Futurescape Fishbowl: Bridging Worlds in Education and Industry” endeavours on a rich exchange of ideas between leading educators, students, and industry luminaries: Raum Tübingen, Tuesday, April 23, 15:45

For information on the PANEURAMA initiative and especially the Summer Labs please visit or join todays Innovation Lab Q&A session at the Animationsinstitut booth: FMX school campus, Tuesday, April 23, 17:30

With the support of European Union PANEURAMA forges a new alliance in the cultural and creative sector, with the aim of harmonising the offerings of educational institutions with the dynamic needs of the animation, computer games and VFX industries. With a specific focus on Technological Development, Work Environment, Soft Skills and the promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the project aims to reduce mismatches and enhance the preparedness of emerging professionals.

Morten Thorning, Creative Viborg

Morten Thorning started out as a musician, composer, writer, producer, and director of radio drama and comedy at Danmarks Radio, later advancing to producer/reporter of documentary features for the youth television program Transit. From 1988 to 2019, he served as the founder and General Director of The Animation Workshop, transforming it into a visionary international center for education and development of the art of animation. This included founding three bachelor educations, the artist residency Open Workshop (1997), the Drawing Academy (1998), the incubation house Arsenalet (2012), Viborg Animation Festival (2012), and the national R&D Center for Animation, Visualization, and Digital Storytelling (2017).

Morten is recognized with Danish Bodil Prize (2017) and Norwegian Golden Gunnar (2021) for lifelong achievements in animation, and the Hanne Hansen Prize (2016) and Ping Prize (2020) for his work for the Danish graphic novel.

Today, Morten works in the fields of animation and XR as scriptwriter, creative producer, director, and artistic consultant through his companies, Bureau G and SCRPT. He also works for Creative Viborg leading their part of the ERASMUS+ Innovation Alliance PANEURAMA.

Silke Hassreiter, Researcher and Senior Lecturer, Breda University of Applied Sciences

Silke is a researcher and lecturer specialising in research methodology for the Master's Game Technology at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Her expertise lies in qualitative research methods, ethnography, and action research. Before joining BUas in 2007, Silke accrued 13 years of experience as a TV cinematographer and video editor, contributing to TV productions globally. Silke's kaleidoscopic adventures outside work: sorting books by colours, wrapping gifts, and philosophical chats with her guinea pigs, Kushi and Cookie.

Professional social media (e.g. LinkedIn):

Christian Müller, Head of 3rd Party Productions & Talent Initiatives, Animationsinstitut, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Christian Müller has been active as a creative producer in various areas of the cultural and creative industries for over 25 years. Currently, as "Head of 3rd Party Productions & Talent Initiatives", he is responsible for the Beyond Study activities at the Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. At the same time, with his production company eyecatchproductions, he realises his own projects and commissioned works with a focus on contemporary, sustainable and effective forms of production; pre-recorded as well as live, linear or interactive, real and animated.

Since January 2006, Christian Müller has been working in various functions for the Animationsinstitut, the Filmakademie BW and the FMX. The focus is on strengthening the connection between the student experience and career, further development of the Animationsinstitut-Community and talent promotion initiatives / cooperations (e.g. Animation Sans Frontières, Aurea Young Talent Award, …). Furthermore, he keeps contact to the cultural and creative industries to explore options for IP-development and entrepreneurship, as well as third-party and commissioned productions.

In addition to studying economics with a focus on marketing, entrepreneurship and international management at the University of Hohenheim (Germany), Christian Müller completed his film production studies at Flinders University, Adelaide (Australia), graduating with an Honours in Bachelor of Creative Arts and winning the award for best student producer.