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ON SITE Meidinger-Saal Tuesday, April 23, 17:00

THE BEAR - Making Meaningful Mobile Games and Designing for Calmness

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For good or for worse, digital media has become part of our nighttime routines. How can we use this medium differently and make meaningful mobile content? Within our IP “World of Gra” we create bedtime media, specifically designed in its colors, music and themes to make you a little sleepy. Our transmedial formats tell soft and wholesome stories that reconnect you with that intimate, emotional space that exists just before falling asleep. We are showcasing our game “The Bear - A Story from the World of Gra”, an interactive 40-minute bedtime experience for mobile.

Clara Deitmar, Creative Director, Mucks! Games

Clara Deitmar, born 1997 in Heidelberg, recieved her bachelors degree in Media and Information at University Offenburg in 2019. In 2023 she graduated from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg with her diploma game "The Bear - A Story from the World of Gra". During the diploma she also created the IP "World of Gra", meant to span multiple formats and target groups with its wholesome stories.
She is a founding member of the games studio Mucks! Games.

Julius Dorsel, Creative Producer, Mucks! Games

Julius Dorsel, born 1994 in Aalen, recieved his bachelors degree in mediaeconomics in 2020 at University Ilmenau. He graduated from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg producing several game-projects with the main focus on "The Bear - A Story from the World of Gra" in 2023. He produces games combining his knowledge in software development and project management and is a founding member of Mucks! Games.