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ONLINE Turm Aalen Friday, April 26, 12:30

Looking at Diploma 2024 projects of Animationsinstitut Graduates

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The Animationsinstitut is part of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and one of the world's leading institutions for Animation, Visual Effects, Technical Directing, Animation/Effects Producing, and Interactive Media. Its curriculum is highly diversified, covering the full spectrum for linear and interactive formats. Projects range from artistically sophisticated, animated approaches to photo-realistic effect productions and technically innovative real-time variants. Students in various specializations work together to carry out hands-on projects in teamwork while they define their own style: Drawn animation, full CG, stop-motion, real-time animation, live action, interactive applications, VR and other techniques are all part of the curriculum. The practice-oriented workflow is central to every project realized at the institute. For more information please have a look at our website:

The following projects will be presented:


Julia Skala (Directing), Max Pollmann (Producing), Benjamin Wahl (Lead Animation), Andra Cezara Berila (Lead Compositing)

An animated short film about early puberty, body image, self-acceptance and everything unpleasant in between.



Ferdinand Ehrhardt (Directing), Saskia Stirn (Producing)

This is the story of a freezing man in his forties. And this man will experience a warming miracle.


The Undying Pain of Existence

Oscar Jacobson (Directing), Franz Rügamer (Producing), Nadiia Yunatska (Producing)

Silvio is posing nude for a prestigious art class, when he is bit by a mosquito. Even though the itch drives him crazy, he mustn’t move. He’s left with a choice: Will he endure this agonising fate or risk everything by giving in to his urges?



Oscar Bittner (Directing), Andra Cezara Berila (Producing)

Since early childhood, Tuan and Felix have been inseparable. As they train to become Olympic high divers, however, their budding love for each other suffers under the weight of the competition. Professional sport is a harsh business, and Tuan will sacrifice everything for it ... or will he?