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ON SITE Bertha-Benz-Saal Thursday, April 25, 15:45

AR Gamification & Prototypes

Video on demand

Max van Leeuwen - City Mat

Demo: Using Snapchat's AR glasses (the 'Spectacles') to gamify everyday objects

link: instagram (@max.van.leeuwen)


Max is known for his experiments with AR on social apps.

The engines used to create filters for Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok have been maturing.
They now boast features like VPS, world-meshing/LiDAR, custom-trained ML, Physics, GLSL shaders, particles, and much more - all running in real-time on mobile phones.

Through examples of his own work for clients like Alienware, Paramount and Olivia Rodrigo, Max will show the fun of building short-and-sweet AR experiences on these platforms, as well as how these accessible yet powerful tools are democratizing the field of XR.


Max van Leeuwen, Creative Technologist, Max & Liisi

Max van Leeuwen is a Creative Technologist, specialized in Social AR.
He is known for sharing tutorials and posting experiments, prototypes and R&D. (Link: twitter)

After studying at the Netherlands Film Academy, Max worked as a Nuke compositor and as an AR developer, until he started his own studio Max & Liisi in 2022, together with designer Liisi Mononen.
Now, he creates AR for brands and artists, and as a Snap AR Ambassador he works closely with the platform to improve their AR products.