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ONLINE König-Karl-Halle Friday, April 26, 12:30

Creating Visual Effects for AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER

Accenture Song VFX brought the iconic city of OMASHU from the world of AVATAR:THE LAST AIRBENDER to life. Including a variety of bending effects as well as multiple creatures, Show VFX Supervisor MARION SPATES and Accenture's VFX Supervisor EMANUEL FUCHS will unpack what it takes to master all of the four elements.

Emanuel Fuchs, Visual Effects Supervisor, Accenture Song Content Germany GmbH

Emanuel Fuchs is a multi VES and Emmy award nominated Visual Effects Supervisor at Accenture Song VFX in Germany. Having worked in many areas of the cg department as well as on set, his vast background in digital creatures, FX and many other disciplines has enabled him to oversee his teams work on Netflix’s AVATAR:THE LAST AIRBENDER from a gigantic procedural city, multiple fantastic creatures to the iconic bending FX of the four elements.

Before that Emanuel worked on several TV Shows like HBO’s Watchmen, the Nevers or Star Trek Piccard and Discovery.

Prior to joining Accenture Song VFX (former Mackevision) he worked at Method Studios in LA and graduated from the renown Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Marion Spates, Visual Effects Supervisor, Flying High Frames

Marion Spates has over twenty years of visual effects experience in films, commercials, streaming, and Virtual Production where his expertise is utilized in every step of the production process, beginning with the story development in pre-visualization for on-set shooting, all the way through final compositing and DI. Marion's background in visual effects stems from tracking, lighting, crowd replication, compositing, and on set supervision.  He is a multiple Emmy Award nominee for the ground-breaking Netflix hit shows, Lost In Space, Stranger Things, and Marvel's, Wandavision, and is an Emmy Award winner for the Opening Sequence of the Super Bowl for FOX, 2005.   Marion is an accomplished artist, and visionary, but is also well regarded for his remarkable energy and leadership skills. He possesses boundless energy and drive to keep morale high and consistent through often long and intense projects, while maintaining clear communication with directors and clients. Marion has a deft ability to bring out the best in everyone he works with, and relentlessly strives to bring out the best in himself every single day.