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ON SITE Meidinger-Saal Thursday, April 25, 18:15

YU YU HAKUSHO: A Japanese Local Production and its Global VFX

Yu Yu Hakusho is a Netflix live action series based on the popular Japanese manga.

It was one of the first Japanese productions to attempt a true global VFX production, working with four previs vendors, nine VFX vendors, and an in-house VFX team spreading across six different countries (Japan, Korea, India, Canada, U.S., Australia).

Every step of the way, “the usual way” was never the answer, considering both the Japanese and the Hollywood methods. This session will cover the VFX challenges encountered through all stages of production with the aim to achieve a world class VFX for a Japanese production.

Table of Contents

● Overall Challenges
   ○ Overview
   ○ What does it mean to do a Global VFX for a Japanese production
   ○ Building the infrastructure
   ○ Results / future improvements

● Scanline VFX
   ○ Making of Truck Accident shot
       ■ From Virtual production to shot completion
   ○ Making of Goki battle
       ■ Hero humanoid creature wrestles a plate actor
   ○ Making of Toguro Brothers
       ■ Creation of the shape shifting, mini actor performance

● Megalis VFX
   ○ Making of Kurama Seamless Oner Shot
       ■ Environment and lighting in Solaris / USD
       ■ Conceal time and challenges
   ○ Houdini Solaris and Multi-Shot workflow
       ■ Pros and Cons
       ■ Full production on Solaris since 2020

● Q&A


Ryo Sakaguchi, Overall VFX Supervisor, Scanline VFX

Ryo Sakaguchi has over 20 years’ experience in the visual effects industry and has spent the past nine years at Scanline as a CG Supervisor, Digital Effects Supervisor, and a Visual Effects Supervisor. Ryo has just finished work on Netflix’s live-action adaptation, Yu Yu Hakusho as Overall Visual Effects Supervisor. 

In addition to his creative responsibilities as Visual Effects Supervisor, Ryo is one of the Directors of CG, involved in developing, improving and implementing facility workflows and pipelines. He also spends time providing mentoring and training to other leads and supervisors in order to build upon and grow existing skill sets.

Ryo is a co-recipient of the Scientific and Engineering Academy Award, nominated for VES Awards, and is a member of the visual effects branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Christophe Rodo, Co-Founder, VFX Supervisor, Megalis VFX

Christophe is VFX supervisor and co-CEO, responsible for all aspects of global studio technology for Megalis VFX. Chris has worked as FX and Pipeline supervisor on full CG features as well as live action projects in the companies he dreamed to work at since he was a teenager. Now creating his own dream and hopefully others’ by building a studio that can create projects driven by passion.