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ONLINE Turm Aalen Friday, April 26, 11:15

Starting and succeeding as creative producers in animation and VFX production

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There may be different ways in entering the business as a young professional in production but they have a lot in common. This session brings together a creative producer from the animation feature industry with another one working in VFX / commercials / campaigns. They will give an input to their way into the industry and conclude the talk with a conversation.

Nina Prange, Creative Producer

Nina Prange studied Animation at the Animationsinstitut of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany and graduated with her short film “Wild Eyes” in 2019. She works as Creative Producer at Traumhaus Studios and volunteers as board member of AG Animationsfilm (ASIFA GERMANY). In addition to her work as a producer, she made her short film debut with "Find the River, Find the Sun" and is working as an episode director on an upcoming animated series for children.


Aleksandra Todorovic, Senior Producer, Woodblock

Aleksandra Todorovic is an animation & visual effects producer from Germany with a live action producing background. Her journey into the film business started in 2011 right after school with internships and freelance work in the production department of several projects and sets. While starting to study live action producing in 2014 at the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, she realized that her passion for animation and visual effects has grown ever since. That’s why she decided to specialize in that area and to get her diploma in Animation & Effects Producing.

Besides her studies Aleksandra was already an established part of the organization team for the FMX – Conference of Animation, Games, Effects, VR and Transmedia.

In October 2019 she joined the animation studio WOODBLOCK in Ludwigsburg as a producer. From then on she produces commercials, branding short films and a funding trailer for an upcoming feature film.