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ON SITE König-Karl-Halle Wednesday, April 24, 17:00

VFX and the World of FALLOUT

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Join the award winning visual effects team live as we explore the way physical and digital production methods were utilized to create the world of FALLOUT season 1.

Jay Worth, Overall VFX Supervisor

Jay Worth is an Emmy and Visual Effects Society award winner who began his career in 1997 at Digital Domain.  He fell in love working on films and specifically episodic television on ALIAS in 2005.  He has had the privilege and honor of collaborating with Jonah Nolan and Kilter films as well as J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot throughout his career.  This year he will hit over 500 episodes of television with shows spanning a variety of genres such as  WESTWORLD, LOST, FRINGE, ALIAS, COUNTERPART, PERSON OF INTEREST, THE MAGICIANS, THE PERIPHERAL and most recently FALLOUT.  He also worked on the feature films CLOVERFIELD and REMINISCENCE. He is currently working on the prequel to THE TERMINAL LIST entitled DARK WOLF for Amazon.  He has won an Emmy for his work on WESTWORLD as well as collecting 7 other nominations spanning 6 different shows - along with winning a Visual Effects Society award for FRINGE and collecting 9 additional nominations.

Andrea Knoll, Producer

Producer and visual effects producer Andrea Knoll has been pushing boundaries in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years. Her most recent role as visual effects producer on the highly anticipated upcoming Amazon series Fallout is a perfect depiction of her love and passion for visual storytelling.

Andrea previously served as visual effects producer on season 2 of Hunters starring Al Pacino, the unique anthology series Tales from the Loop which earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination in 2020, as well as seasons 2 and 3 of the massively popular Netflix series Stranger Things. It was there that she brought her production expertise and expanded the scope of visual effects for the show, which led to its two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

Andrea has also been a consulting producer on feature films such as Roland Emmerich's latest project Midway and Paul McCartney's upcoming animated musical High in the Clouds.

A film production graduate from Boston University, Andrea began her career in production management at DreamWorks where she managed a variety of highly successful feature films, TV specials and shorts under the leadership of Jeffrey Katzenberg including the BAFTA Awards nominees Turbo and Flushed Away, as well as Annie Award winner Monsters vs. Aliens.

She later joined Sony Pictures Animation to oversee a variety of projects and joined the studio's executive board to create a 5-year production plan including the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

In her spare time, Andrea enjoys voice acting in projects such as the 2017 DreamWorks hit Boss Baby, Oscar nominee The Croods, and the Netflix series House of Cards.

Andreas Giesen, VFX Supervisor, RISE | Visual Effects Studios

Andreas Giesen works as a VFX Supervisor at RISE | Visual Effects Studios. He is considered one of RISE’s swiss army knives who can take a shot, no matter how complex, from concept, through blocking, lighting, shading and rendering to final.

However his focus is now on VFX supervision - mostly of FX intense shows as he worked many years as a FX Supervisor.

Andreas latest work includes Matrix Resurrections, The Last Voyage of the Demeter, The Last of Us Season 1 and the award-winning feature NYAD.