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ON SITE Meidinger-Saal Tuesday, April 23, 14:30

Immersive Artwork: Pushing the boundaries of location based entertainment

In January 2024, Cinesite announced the launch of its Immersive division. Head of CG Andrew McNamara will present two landmark works within the wider context of evolution within the digital entertainment industry, the changing face of VFX and how Cinesite is adapting its approach.

From Rembrandt to Monet and Van Gogh, Cinesite’s team has created immersive experiences for UK multi-sensory gallery Frameless. In expanding the visual language of the masterpieces across 6 surfaces, retaining the integrity of the original work is essential. Cinesite’s work on a powerful Rembrandt seascape won the Visual Effects Society award for Outstanding Special Venue Project earlier this year.  

Partnering with Roland Lane, Cinesite also created the short film FORSAKEN, which played at Outernet’s breathtaking wrap-around screens in central London. The work exists as both as an ambitious, immersive digital artwork and as a call-to action. Inspiration is taken from the remarkable Immortal Jellyfish, able to regenerate and begin its life-cycle over. The work contains a sombre warning about increasing destruction of life on our planet.

Andrew McNamara, Head of CG, Cinesite

Andy is an award winning and versatile CG Artist/Supervisor with over 30 years’ experience in the field of CGI and VFX across Film, Broadcast, Commercials, Immersive and Experiential.

He began his career at IBM in R&D in the nascent days of CGI in the late 80’s, developing new CGI tools and techniques along with a fascination for the cross-over between art and technology. Since then, he’s worked across a diverse range of projects utilising a range of creative, technical and leadership skills in Film (inc. Black Panther - Wakanda Forever, Spectre ) , Commercials & Brands (inc. EE, BT, Nike, Versace, Burberry, VW, McDonalds, P&G ) , Broadcast (for the BBC, ITV, CH4, Nat Geo, Discovery, Disney), Theatre (Stephen Sondheim, Broadway) and cutting edge Immersive & Experiential projects for CRUK, EE, V&A and many others – a number of which have won awards.  

With strong, pragmatic leadership and management skills, he’s creatively and technically led CGI departments at the BBC, Rushes and at Publicis and is now currently Head of CGI at Cinesite in London - one the of leading VFX and Animation studios in the world, working across shows for Marvel, Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV amongst others.  

With a passion for creativity and innovation, he’s always keen to push new developments in the industry using novel, bleeding edge technologies and techniques to solve complex production problems in areas such as real-time rendering, virtual production, immersive experiences, AI and beyond…