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Virtual Pre Production - The Modern Process in Filmmaking - Bridging the Gap Between the Art Department and Visual Effects


Felix Jorge, Chief Executive Officer + Creative Director, Happy Mushroom

A vibrant creative with a genuine passion for crafting story-driven, interactive content through real time workflows, Felix Jorge serves as the CEO, Creative Director, and Co-Founder of Happy Mushroom. His extensive career leading Visual Art Department teams has given him a deep understanding of the creative pipeline in all phases (Pre-Production, Production, and Post). Along with his experience on-and-off set, Felix's dedication to innovation, enthusiasm for storytelling, and “Filmmaker First” mentality has helped shape Happy Mushroom into the revolutionary studio it is today.

Dan May, Painting Practice Director, Painting Practice

Dan May is one of two Painting Practice's directors: throughout his career, he has worked in various CG and art department related roles which has increased his passion and knowledge of new technologies and techniques to apply in the movie and TV industry - some of his credits include Black Mirror, Gravity and the recent HBO/BBC show, His Dark Materials. 

As a Designer, Art Director and VFX Artist, Dan is always looking for new and exciting ways to simplify and improve the process of filmmaking, by optimising concept art, previs and postvis pipelines and transforming the world of VR into a new tool for filmmakers thanks to his app Plan V. 

Yassmine Najime, Producer, Painting Practice

Yassmine has been working in the Film & TV world after putting aside her legal career for the love of the big screen.

Making her travel all over the world, her passion for creativity, filmmaking and innovation has been fulfilled throughout the work at hubs like Bad Wolf and Painting Practice on projects such as His Dark Materials, Plan-V and many others.