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ON SITE ROOM F brought to you by FOUNDRY Wednesday, May 05, 16:30
Prism Pipeline

A USD Pipeline for Artists including Live Q&A and Exchange


Did you ever wonder what USD (Universal Scene Description) is about, but the available information about it is too theoretical and too difficult to understand?

In this presentation we will take a first look at a out of the box USD workflow in Prism 2.0. The focus is on understanding how USD can be used by artists to improve their efficiency and make it easier to share assets and other data between different software and different departments. We will take a very practical approach and go through a little animation project step by step and we will see many examples of why USD can be useful to artists. No prior knowledge about USD or Prism is required to follow this talk.


Prism Pipeline is a publicly available software for small studios and freelancers working in CG related industries. It increases their efficiency by managing the data in their projects and automating repetitive tasks. Prism is integrated into Houdini, Maya, Nuke, Blender any many other software commonly used in Animation and VFX studios. Version 2.0 is currently in development and provides an out of the box USD pipeline for small teams, which requires no deep technical knowledge about USD, but still gives artists access to the powerful advantages, which USD has to offer.

Richard Frangenberg, Founder and Developer, Prism Pipeline

Richard Frangenberg is the founder and main developer of Prism Pipeline. He has a generalist background before he specialized in FX and Character FX work. In his career he worked in advertisement, animated feature and VFX at studios like Scanline VFX and Method Studios. His movie credits include the new Mortal Kombat and the Oscar nominated Love and Monsters.
Because of his background as an artist he focuses on the usability and artist friendliness of his pipeline tools when working as a developer.