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Wednesday, May 05, ROOM U brought to you by UNITY, 09:45
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Using real-time animation to make Heart of a Tower: Live Q&A and Exchange

To encourage the FMX community to connect in the virtual almost as closely as in the physical world, the online audience will be able join FMX speakers in Zoom rooms via video or audio chat. Beyond asking questions, you can chat and network with speakers and other participants. Look forward to truly interact with other media creators from around the globe and share your experiences at FMX 2021!

Join The Fridge's Jan and Jef in the live Q&A and exchange and ask all your questions!

Jan Dagelinckx, VFX producer, The Fridge, The Fridge

Jan Daghelinckx is an experienced vfx professional currently managing vfx projects and teams at ACE, The Fridge and Nozon.

From supervising feature films and series from pre-production to delivery, Jan has extensive knowledge on emerging real-time technologies used in, for example in pre-visualization stages. This also allows him to easily transition and add value to narrative projects in different mediums like VR and real-time animated features.

Jef Dehouse, Unity Creative Supervisor, The Fridge, The Fridge

Jef Dehouse is a Brussels based writer and (art)director of several animation- and game projects within The Fridge. After his graduation film at the RITCS, ‘Serenitas’, was selected for numerous Belgian festivals, he started working on the animated feature film ‘Heart Of A Tower’. While being in the core creative team of the film, he went on to become the art director of the Belgian videogame ‘Replaceable’ and the co-writer and director of multiple VR pieces, all currently in development.