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Wednesday, May 05, ROOM U brought to you by UNITY, 09:00
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Using real-time animation to make Heart of a Tower

Heart of a Tower is a children’s animation film, a Cartoon Movie 2021 selection with a storyline that explores a young boy’s accidental journey into a fantasy world – and then his return to the real one. Get a sneak peek of this elegant work-in-progress, from early trailers to the latest iteration.


Jan Hameeuw (Executive VFX producer) and Miguel Guerrero (Lead Lay-out artist) talk about how a combination of sophisticated environments and a modest budget led team to determine that a real-time workflow would be the best way to approach this complicated production. Additionally, they’ll discuss how they customized their Unity pipeline to allow a variety of artists – working across multiple studios – to continue using their preferred tools.

Miguel Guerrero, Lead Lay-out artist, The Fridge, The Fridge

Miguel Guerrero is a visual effects artist and filmmaker born in Mérida, Venezuela. Currently based in Brussels, where he works as Senior Nuke Compositor and Layout Supervisor at The Fridge, ACE Image Factory & Nozon. He is also known for his collaborations with the Venezuelan director Alberto Arvelo in the creation of projection mapping installations for the orchestral concerts “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Hollywood Bowl L.A. 2015, Princeton University N.J. 2019, and Castell de Peralada Spain 2019) and “The Creation” (Disney Hall L.A. 2016) conducted by Gustavo Dudamel and interpreted by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Jan Hameeuw, Executive VFX producer, The Fridge, The Fridge

Jan Hameeuw is an executive VFX producer based in Belgium, working on international projects. He is also co-founder of and and managing director of Ace Image Factory & NOZON, well known players in the Belgian post-production market. Throughout his career he always kept a close eye on innovation and is driving the companies focus on emerging technologies.