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The VFX breakdown of How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming: Live Q&A and Exchange

To encourage the FMX community to connect in the virtual almost as closely as in the physical world, the online audience will be able join FMX speakers in Zoom rooms via video or audio chat. Beyond asking questions, you can chat and network with speakers and other participants. Look forward to truly interact with other media creators from around the globe and share your experiences at FMX 2021!

Join Dustin Henning in the live Q&A and exchange and ask all your questions about his work on ‘How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming’!

Dustin Henning, Compositor, Jellyfish Pictures

Dustin’s innate curiosity and drive for creating beautiful imagery has led to him being one of the leading Compositors in the industry. With credits including Watchmen (HBO), How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming (DreamWorks Animation), Cursed (Netflix), Rebecca (Netflix) and most recently Spirit: Untamed (DreamWorks Animation), Dustin has leveraged his technical know-how and creative intuition to bring an approach that brings efficiencies to any production he touches.