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Thursday, May 06, ROOM F brought to you by FOUNDRY, 11:15

The VFX breakdown of How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

Join us as we team up with Jellyfish Pictures to present the VFX breakdown of How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming. 

Lead Compositor on DreamWorks Animations’ Holiday Special How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming, Dustin Henning, will take the audience through the compositing journey of the hit animated special. In the first part of the session, Dustin will showcase key scenes from the show and how, by harnessing the power of Foundry’s Nuke, he creatively found solutions vital to an efficient workflow without compromising on quality. The second part of the session will cover Jellyfish Pictures' experience of using Nuke, best practices and challenges along the journey and the future of compositing in today’s market. Team members of this project were nominated for Best FX at the 2019 Annies.

Join our Q&A Exchange straight after the session and get direct insights from Dustin Henning.



Dustin Henning, Compositor, Jellyfish Pictures

Dustin’s innate curiosity and drive for creating beautiful imagery has led to him being one of the leading Compositors in the industry. With credits including Watchmen (HBO), How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming (DreamWorks Animation), Cursed (Netflix), Rebecca (Netflix) and most recently Spirit: Untamed (DreamWorks Animation), Dustin has leveraged his technical know-how and creative intuition to bring an approach that brings efficiencies to any production he touches.