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ON SITE ROOM H brought to you by HOUDINI Wednesday, May 05, 12:45
Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Creating a music video for Aloe Blacc - Daniel Poschinger for FH Salzburg

In summer of 2019 grammy nominated US-american singer and songwriter Aloe Blacc reached out to 3D-Generalist and student at FH Salzburg Daniel Poschinger over social media to create a music video for him.Daniel will be talking about how the project came about and go into details about his workflow and show some tips and tricks on how to create a digital animated human face from start to finish with the help of a simple 3d scan.

BSc. Daniel Poschinger, 3D Generalist, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Daniel Poschinger is an award winnig 3D-Generalist and Motion Graphics Artist from Austria. His journey into the creative industry started out in the industrial design field, quickly transitioning more and more into 3D modeling, animation and visual effects.
He founded his own advertising and multimedia agency when he was 22 years old and has worked with and for international clients ever since.
The different kind of designs, animations and images that he creates are mostly displayed under his alias @Danny_P3D on Instagram.