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Thursday, May 06, ROOM H brought to you by HOUDINI, 15:45

RenderMan 24 | Bringing Powerful New Tools To Houdini

Pixar’s lead developer of the RenderMan for Houdini plugin, Sarah Forcier, will show where state-of-the-art rendering technology is headed in the upcoming version of RenderMan 24, with updates on XPU, Lama, and other major features in this upcoming release. 

During a deep dive into Stylized Looks by early adopter, 9to3 Animation, learn how advancements in NPR (non-photorealistic rendering) are set to transform RenderMan into a tool for broad look development, delivering everything from photorealism to new kinds of Stylized Looks. Guest speakers, Ernst Janssen Groesbeek & Hristo Arabadzhiyski, will show examples of how Stylized Looks can be created interactively with Houdini. This approach enables a wide range of stylized treatments of scenes quickly, efficiently, and procedurally. Ernst and Hristo will showcase how they’d emulated traditional media with these tools, and how their workflow for Stylized Looks is both versatile and artist-friendly.

Hristo Arabadzhiyski, Houdini Artist, 9to3 Animation

A Houdini artist on his self-taught journey to be a TD. A designer by trade and a marketing specialist by education, he picked up 3D as a hobby over a decade and a half ago. That hobby has since branched out into proceduralism, manipulating geometry with VEX, building HDAs, shading & rendering with RenderMan, compositing, film photography, and traditional sculpting. One underlying philosophy binds all these together, and that is his drive for bold non-photoreal stylization and expressive qualities.

Sarah Forcier, Software Engineer, Pixar's RenderMan

Sarah Forcier joined Pixar Animation Studios in 2018 as the lead developer for the RenderMan for Houdini plugin. Over the last couple years, she has rewritten RenderMan’s Houdini integration, worked to support the latest Houdini features, and presented this work at FMX and Siggraph. Prior to Pixar, Sarah studied at Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania.

Ernst Janssen Groesbeek, IBR look development artist, 9to3 Animation

Ernst is educated in Architecture and Architectural Engineering, specializing in Computer Visualizations. Ernst started contributing to the Graphics and Animation industry as an Assistant professor at the Chair of Design Informatics, Faculty of Architecture at Delft University. After educating students for 18 years, he founded 9to3animation in 2014. To expand his knowledge and creative endeavors. He continued his career by designing and developing imagination-based – non-photorealistic – shading and lighting methods used in several national and international productions. Together with Christos Obretenov, he set out on a journey to explore the possibilities of Imagination Based Rendering. They are the early adopters of Pixar's RenderMan plug-in that enables film and animation studio's to create their unique style.