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Thursday, May 06, ROOM F brought to you by FOUNDRY, 20:00

3D Reconstruction and Panorama Stitching in Meshroom

We will present the AliceVision framework and the Meshroom software. We will then highlight the improvements brought by the latest version concerning HDR fusion, Panorama stitching and 3D reconstruction.

#photogrammetry #HDRI #opensource #VFX #computervision


Fabien Castan, R&D Engineer, Technicolor Production Services

Fabien Castan is specialized in Computer Vision for Visual Effects. Graduated from IMAC engineering school (Image Multimedia Audiovisual and Communication), he previously worked at Duran Duboi, Ubisoft Motion Pictures and Mikros Image. He has worked on several research projects (French ANR and European projects) in the field of photogrammetry.

Benoit Maujean, Global Head of Research, Technicolor Production Services

Graduated from École Supérieure des Ingénieurs de Marseille and École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Benoit Maujean is dealing with the general management of R&D team and projects supervising, to enable the development of innovative services and production solutions. Benoit is also a board member of Cap Digital, the French business cluster for digital and ecological transformation.