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Wednesday, May 05, The Studio brought to you by AMCRS, 12:45

Trekking through Space: VFX Work on Star Trek

The session will be held by the VFX supervisors from Pixomondo and Mackevision who both contributed to the VFX work on Star Trek.

Pixomondo has an extensive history with the Star Trek franchise, earning a best VFX Oscar nomination for its work on the 2013 feature film, Star Trek Into Darkness. This was followed by the revival of the Star Trek television franchise, beginning with the inaugural Star Trek: Discovery. PXO's work on Season One of the streaming series garnered the company a best VFX Emmy nomination, and since then, PXO has worked on all three seasons of the show,  as well as the other spin-offs such as PicardShort Treks, as well as the upcoming Strange New Worlds.  Join Pixomondo VFX Supervisor Adam Figielski for a retrospective of Pixomondo's VFX work within the Star Trek Universe. See how PXO created some of the iconic set pieces and learn how technology has evolved on these shows from green screens to virtual production.

Mackevision joined the Star Trek Team around CBS VFX Supervisors Jason Zimmerman, Ante Dekovic & CBS VFX Producer Aleksandra Kochoska for Season 3 contributing a total of 266 shots for this season. Mackevision’s VFX Supervisor Emanuel Fuchs will shed some light on how Mackevision approached the Space Dog Fight of Books Ship and the big Villain Ship "Viridian", the challenges of crash-landing into Discovery's shuttle bay and the simulations of "programmable matter”.


Adam Figielski, VFX Supervisor, Pixomondo

A VES Award winner for his environment work, Adam Figielski is responsible for some of television’s most iconic surroundings, such as the fictional Westeros and its kingdoms on Game of Thrones, and the infamous spaceport town of Mos Eisley on The Mandalorian.   

Adam Figielski brought to life 1960s Berlin for Steven Spielberg in Bridge of Spies, including the Death Strip separating East and West Germany. His haunting and detailed work on the film helped it get short-listed for a Best VFX Oscar.  More recently, Adam used German locations to  digitally create the extensive environments found in Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, including Syria and Russia. 

With an eye for physical FX, Adam can destroy just as artfully as he can build. He blew up a Japanese airbase in Midway, crashed an airplane in to the ocean in Without Remorse and turned Jeremy Irons in to a frozen gold statue in Watchmen.  

With PXO moving in to virtual production Adam is currently working creating virtual environments for Star Trek: Discovery.  

Emanuel Fuchs, Visual Effects Supervisor, Mackevision Medien Design GmbH

Emanuel Fuchs, born on 08.10.1989 in Ulm, studied Animation and VFX at the “Filmakademie” in Ludwigsburg. After three years, he took a break to work for Method Studios in Los Angeles (2013/14); during this time, he received the Student VES Award for "Rugby Bugs" in the category "outstanding VFX in a student project". With this achievement, Emanuel went back to Film Academy in Ludwigsburg, where he successfully completed his studies in 2016 and subsequently continued his career as a CG Artist and since 2019 as a VFX Supervisor at MACKEVISION. Within that time, he got nominated for 1 VES Award and 1 Primetime Emmy. His work includes among many others "Watchmen" (2019, VFX Supervisor), "Star Trek Picard" (2020, VFX Supervisor) and "Star Trek Discovery S3" (2020, VFX Supervisor).