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ON SITE ROOM T brought to you by TRIXTER Thursday, May 06, 13:30

Animation Schools Exchange - Invite Only


Teaching Beyond COVID

In the past year, we have witnessed far-reaching changes in the animation industry, and things will probably not go back to what they were before. Remote working, recruiting, teaching and studying have brought enormous challenges, but also opportunities, and now is the time to consider what we would like to keep after the pandemic. In short input talks and group discussions we will address topics like: In which way is the industry changing and what does this mean for the schools? How can we as schools co-operate beyond the classical exchange programmes? How can we teach the practical production of animation films and games online? And what will the industry look like 10 years from now, what audiences must be considered? If you would like to join the Animation Schools Exchange please reach out to

Please note: This is an invite only event. The link to participate will be send out to  all attendees on Monday, May 3.