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Thursday, May 06, ROOM F brought to you by FOUNDRY, 19:35

Studio Open Source Projects

We take a brief tour through the history and topics of some of the most important studio-sponsored open source projects used in VFX and animation production. Where do they come from? Who is involved? Why are they important? We also discuss why it is in the best interest of studios to not only use open source, but also to sponsor and contribute to these projects, and how getting involved with these projects is a great way to explore the more technical aspects of studio production.


Larry Gritz, Software Engineering Architect, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Larry Gritz is a software engineering architect at Sony Pictures Imageworks, creating technology for rendering, shading, texturing, and image processing, as well as being responsible for software development methodology. His open source involvement includes being the Sony Pictures representative to the ASWF and the architect of two open source packages widely used in VFX: OpenImageIO, and Open Shading Language, for which he won an Academy Sci-Tech award in 2017.