Expanded Realities Games & Beyond
Wednesday, May 05, The Studio brought to you by AMCRS, 10:30

A Juggler's Tale - a game restricted by puppet strings

We will introduce you to the world of A Juggler's Tale, an atmospheric sidescroller puzzle game. 

We want to link modern digital gaming culture with traditional, established theatre and poetry culture, so we chose a puppet theatre play as the setting for our game - A Juggler’s Tale is all about the relationship between the puppeteer Jack and little marionette Abby.  The puppet strings are not only a visual representation of the connection between storyteller and puppet, but also our main game mechanic, creating lots of unique puzzle moments.

We give insights into the creation and development of the IP, game design, and technical details of our development process in Unreal Engine 4. We will show you our approach for creating atmospheric, colorful sceneries that artists can radically change up until the last days of development.

Dominik Schön, Producer & Game Designer, kaleidoscube

Elias Kremer, Technical Artist, kaleidoscube

Steffen Oberle, Narrative Designer & Artist, kaleidoscube

Enzio Probst, Technical Director, kaleidoscube