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After the dominoes have fallen: Where do we go from here?

Tech leaders and visionaries in content creation talk about the new practices adopted and how they’re changing the way entertainment is being produced. The shocking path of the Coronavirus pandemic through the business world, retail, society, and families has transformed the entertainment industry. Afterall, our entertainment is a reflection of the lives we’ve been living, but in 2020 our lives have changed dramatically. What has it done to entertainment?

The developers and company leaders in the content creation business were already charting a steady course to new digital workflows. The pandemic accelerated the process and as a result 2020 has been a year of unintended experimentation. What can we expect in new tools.

Kathleen Maher, Editor-in-Chief, Jon Peddie Research

Kathleen Maher is an experienced analyst tracking content creation and design software. Maher is the Editor-in-Chief of JPR's TechWatch Report, one of the most respected insider reports published today. She is the author of several well received reports including the 3D Modeling and Animation Report, The CAD Report, and also reports on video animation, print, and audio software. She the Editor in Chief of GraphicSpeak, a website covering graphics hardware and Software.

Manne Ohrstrom, Global Head of Film Software, Framestore

Manne is Framestore’s Global Head of Film Software. With an outstanding career working across film, games and tech for companies such as Autodesk, EA and Shotgun, his career has taken him to the point where art and technology meet. His current role sees him refining Framestore’s software development practises and streamlining the integration of innovative new and emerging tech such as AI, machine learning and engine technology into Framestore’s established film pipeline.

Sam Nicholson, Founder & CEO, Stargate Studios

Sam Nicholson, ASC, is CEO and founder of Stargate Studios, an award-winning international production company that specializes in visual effects and virtual production. A graduate of the UCLA school of Fine Arts, Sam has been involved in film and television production for over 40 years, beginning as on-set visual effect supervisor on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. From there he and Stargate have provided award-winning visual effects for “The Walking Dead”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and most recently oversaw the real-time visual effects for HBO’s “Run”. He is also a long-time member of the ASC, DGA, and the Visual Effects Society.

Mathieu Mazerolle, Director of Product, New Technology, Foundry

Mathieu Mazerolle is a results-oriented leader with over 25 years of engineering and product experience in the VFX, cloud and gaming industries. He is currently the Director of Product, New Technology, at Foundry. Foundry develops creative software for the Digital Design, Media and Entertainment industries. With a 20-year heritage and a portfolio of award-winning products, Foundry advances the art and technology of visual experience. Prior to Foundry, Mathieu has worked for Amazon Web Services, Electronic Arts, Autodesk, Ubisoft and Digital Domain.

Paul Salvini, CTO, DNEG

As DNEG’s Global Chief Technology Officer, Paul Salvini provides strategic and technical direction to the visual effects and animation company's global technology team, based on a deep understanding of the importance of the role of technology in storytelling.Paul has over 25 years of experience in technology leadership roles. As CTO of SideFX, where he worked for 15 years, Paul oversaw the development of Houdini from beta onwards. As CTO of Christie Digital, he created and led the Research and Innovation and New Business Initiative departments, and an Advanced Technology Group. Most recently, Paul served as CEO of The Accelerator Centre, where he helped launch and mentor over 120 technology-based businesses working in a wide range of areas from data science, AI, computer vision and probiotics to autonomous vehicles.Paul also has a strong academic research background; he holds a PhD and MASc (specializing in the computer simulation of complex systems) as well as a MBA and a BMath in Computer Science.