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Virtual Planning in a New Golden Age of Content

THE THIRD FLOOR (TTF) is the world’s leading visualisation studio, providing exceptional visualisation to an array of industries. This presentation features Managing Director Tim Keene and Visualisation Supervisor Jen Kitching, explain how TTF is versatile and multi-talented in supporting and exploring ‘Virtual Planning in a New Golden Age of Content’.

THE THIRD FLOOR worked extensively on Wonder Woman 1984, in collaboration with the production and VFX teams. This presentation takes a deep dive into the visualisation work provided and how we were able to assist this dynamic and audacious production.

Available until: May 6


Tim Keene, MD The Third Floor London, The Third Floor London

Tim started his career at Framestore as a VFX coordinator in 1997. 14+ years there exposed Tim to all aspects of Visual Effects and Animation with his role graduating up to Executive Producer. Often involved in the process from early pre-production through to final delivery, Tim gained hands on experience across all areas of prep, filming and production of Visual Effects - especially tight budgets and short schedules. In 2013, Tim made the move over to the 'client' side and during this time has worked as both VFX Producer & Supervisor for 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Lionsgate & Universal Pictures. His last role saw him working in Los Angeles for 18 months, which, while a great experience, he's very glad to be back home in London with the family!


Jen Kitching, Visualization Artist, The Third Floor London

Jen is an experienced visualization artist with a background in animation, having studied Computer Visualization and Animation at Bournemouth University, where she graduated from in 2010.  After starting her career as a layout artist and continuing as an animator with Dneg, she quickly found her way into visualization and joined THE THIRD FLOOR’s London office in 2014. Throughout her career, she has helped visualize over 30 projects, including Dumbo and Game of Thrones Season 8.Jen has technical on-set experience, having contributed to the development of innovative techniques within THE THIRD FLOOR’s Virtual Production department. She has experience with all aspects of visualization: pitchvis, previs, techvis, postvis, and virtual production. Jen is an excellent addition to any team thanks to her collaborative and adaptive approach to visualization.