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The Colorful side of the moon : Into the production design of Over the Moon

Over the Moon production designer Celine Desrumaux talks creative inspirations, designing the look and feel of the film, and working with filmmaker Glen Keane. 

Available until: May 6

Celine Desrumaux, Production Designer, Netflix Animation

Céline Desrumaux is an award-winning production designer.
She was nominated for an Annie Award in 2017 for her work on The Little Prince. The following year, she worked with Google Spotlight Stories and Chromosphere on the John Kahrs' animated short Age of Sail, for which she was awarded both an Emmy and Annie Award in 2019. More recently, she was the production designer on the Glen Keane Oscar-nominated feature Over the Moon. 
She is currently the production designer for the Netflix animated movie The Witch Boy.