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4D Facial Capture: Bringing Life To Animation

Creating an amazing digital human or digital double asset is one thing. Bringing it to live convincingly is another thing altogether. Now, with the advent of next gen consoles, the demand for high fidelity, realistic faces as part of gameplay and cutscenes is rising to a whole new level.

In this session, Colin Urquhart, CEO of DI4D, will focus on the role that 4D facial capture can play in bringing digital doubles to life, explaining how it can be used to capture and deliver realistic facial performance for movies and games. DI4D’s founder will share some insight into the evolution of 4D facial capture. He will discuss some of the increasing demands driven by new technology and look ahead to the future of facial animation and facial capture. 

Colin Urquhart, CEO, DI4D

Co-founder and CEO of DI4D, Colin Urquhart is a 20+ year industry veteran and innovator in the field of facial capture. Based on his PHD research into stereo photogrammetry at the University of Glasgow, DI4D started out in 3D capture of facial shape and appearance before pioneering the cutting edge 4D facial capture technology that drives the facial animation of digital doubles in many blockbuster movies and triple-A games today. 

Colin and the DI4D team have worked on a host of incredible entertainment projects, including Blade Runner 2049, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Love, Death, and Robots, and Quantum Break, to name just a few, delivering the most believable digital double characters for the next generation of video games, film, TV and visual effects.