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A Vision Like You’ve Never Seen (and the VFX most people still don't)

The best visual effects are the ones that go unnoticed. On WandaVision, the VFX studio Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) was responsible for creating the photoreal VFX behind one of Marvel’s most iconic characters—a cape-clad human-like red android with the power of flight and a yellow gem embedded in his forehead.  

The cape. The smooth face panels. The comedic expressions. The makeup, tracking markers, and green screens. MARZ VFX Supervisor Ryan Freer will breakdown the challenges and techniques behind perfecting Vision as he passes from decade to decade on Marvel’s first Disney+ series.

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Ryan Freer, VFX Supervisor, Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies

Ryan Freer is a VFX Supervisor at MARZ. In 2012, before he joined MARZ, Ryan helped launch Playfight—a VFX and production company in Toronto—where he served as Creative Director/VFX Supervisor. At Playfight, Ryan inspired millions of aspiring VFX artists with viral short films (Call of DutyTitanfall 2Starcraft), music videos (Jessie ReyezLindsey Stirling), as well as movies and TV shows (Code 8The Expanse). His team was responsible for most of the VFX work behind Youtube sensation Freddie Wong, who's credited with pioneering visual effects videos on Youtube and has created the hit series Video Game High School (for Netflix/Youtube).

A creative Swiss Army knife, Ryan has worked as a director, actor, producer, editor, designer, animator and visual effects supervisor. As a VFX Supervisor at MARZ, he has overseen work on Marvel’s WandaVision, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy S2, as well as other series.