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The TENET Effect: Unpacking the Collaboration of Special and Visual Effects

VFX Supervisor Andrew Jackson sits down with Special Effects Supervisor Scott Fisher to discuss the harmonious coupling of special effects and visual effects in Christopher Nolan's latest film, 'TENET'. Moderator Mike Seymour leads the two BAFTA-winners to dissect the creative processes and unique collaboration that ultimately brought Nolan's vision from script to screen. Along with teasing out the film's critical concepts — for example, the scientific differences between 'backwards' and 'inverted' — this talk touches on the recent resurgence of in-camera practical effects, the iconic 747 crash scene, and much more. Don't miss this deep dive into one of this year's most innovative cinematic achievements.

Andrew Jackson, VFX Supervisor, DNEG

Andrew Jackson is an award-winning VFX Supervisor at DNEG with over 30 years experience working on projects that showcase the power of invisible VFX. He was recently awarded the BAFTA for 'Best Special Visual Effects' for his work on Christopher Nolan's film, 'TENET', for which he is also nominated for an Oscar.Jackson was previously nominated for a BAFTA — and received a VES award — for his previous collaboration with Nolan on the critically acclaimed World War II action-thriller ‘Dunkirk’. In 2015, Andrew collaborated with George Miller to help create the atmospheric and fully immersive world of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, for which he won the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Visual Effects and received both a BAFTA and an Academy Award nomination.

Scott Fisher, SFX Supervisor, SideFX

Scott R Fisher was born in California on October 25, 1967. Scott started working along side his father, Thomas L Fisher, in 1986 on many large scale mechanical fx projects. Before long Scott 

began supervising his own projects. He has earned a solid reputation as a Hollywood A- listed Special Effects Supervisor, and has had the opportunity to work with some of the top directors in the industry,(Christopher Nolan, David Ayer, Joel and Ethan Cohen) He is known for bringing large scale Mechanical effects,  creative ideas and designs and working hand in hand with modern CG techniques to achieve seamless Visual Effects.